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Interesting fiction is what you're looking for, right? Intelligent and provocative with lots of action and adventure? Well, look no further than Morgan Island the second book of The Time and Space Trilogy

If you could create a new society from scratch, what would it be like? The wealthy Terry Morgan does just that...purchases a large island, demolishes every structure on it and then rebuilds the landmass into an idyllic environmental masterpiece; a free republic that becomes the envy of the world. What is there about this mysterious place that has so many people eager to move there and others so desperate to destroy it? 

Ever imagine what it would be like for an economy to thrive without banks or paper money? Where lawyers play a minor role in society but technical innovation is considered the pinnacle of success? How about a justice system based on personal accountability, where criminals are captured within hours of a crime? A place where nobody carries keys, cash or credit cards; where bankers and politicians find themselves unable to crack the system and bleed the economy dry.

Want to learn how a nation's defense depends on a group of patriotic civilians controlling a dozen different types of futuristic military weapons that can easily defeat the world's most powerful armed forces?

Terry Morgan learned from the mistakes of other nations and, within only a few years, creates a social, political, economic and military superpower called Morgan Island

This fictional novel could serve as a blueprint for the creation of a new, free society that brings traditional conservatives back to the principals set forth by America's Founding Fathers. As the name suggests, Morgan Island becomes an isolated refuge in stark contrast to most other modern world societies. 

The novel entertains the reader with detailed descriptions of the island's fascinating buildings and infrastructure much of which has never been created anywhere else in the world. Perhaps the most fascinating technical innovations pertain to the futuristic weapon systems that will surely astound the reader.

Morgan Island follows Story Time, the first book of The Time and Space Trilogy. In Story Time, a young high school science teacher almost dies from a drug overdose injected into him by a pair of students after he catches the pair committing a heinous crime late at night in his school.

Hospitalized and barely alive, Terry Morgan begins to dream up extremely vivid fantasies he calls Story Time. By the time the reader begins the second book, the dream sequences are of longer duration and much greater complexity. Indeed, the Morgan Island dream lasts his entire flight from northwestern Montana to Newark, New Jersey.

The third and final book of the series, Tinton Falls, will be released in Spring, 2010. Each book is carefully crafted so that the reader can easily understand the story without having read any of the other books.

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June 11
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