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***AUTHOR NOTE: “Morna’s Ghost” is the SWEET/CLEAN version of “Love Beyond Dreams,” by USA TODAY Bestselling Author, Bethany Claire. This version is for readers who prefer clean language in their stories and love scenes that stay behind closed doors. If you prefer steamier romances, check out the books in the original Morna's Legacy Series.

A hidden magic. An unfulfilled dream. 

Every night, Gillian dreams of the same man and wakes each morning with him on her mind. He reminds her of someone, and she can’t shake the feeling that her dreams of this imaginary man are trying to tell her something. However, when an unexpected visitor arrives at the castle, she is forced to consider the possibility that maybe this man exists outside her dreams, as well. 

Sleep torments him. His dreams only tease him with glimpses of the life he can’t remember. With no memory of his name, he leaves the home of the woman who healed him to find a new life. When he crosses paths with a woman who seems to know him, he can’t help but wonder—could she be the one to help him remember?

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January 23
Bethany Claire Books
Morgan Hysinger

Customer Reviews

The Vivixen ,

There is nothing missing in this sweet version of the original book!

If you read the original book, 'Love Beyond Dreams,' you'll find nothing missing in this sweet version 'Morna's Ghost.' Ever since this sweet version series made its debut, I wondered if anything would be lost with the language cleaned up and a steamy sex scenes left to the imagination.

As a rule, I like the steamy stuff…the steamy here the better. But I found nothing lacking in this sweet version of the original book. If anything, I gained a deeper understanding of and appreciation for the story.

If you're a Bethany Claire fan, you're aware that many of the love matches have been between a modern day woman and a 17th century man of means. It's nice to have things switched up in this story and see a woman find her happily ever after with a man who is not of means.

But he is far from an ordinary man. As you read the book you find out that he has priceless qualities. I highly recommend this book!


Loved the sweet version

Truly a great easy ready. This book featured my favorite character Orick. He has been such a strong, loving, and good friend to all. Now he doesn't even remember his name but his dreams let him know he had a very different life. Gillian spends all her time painting a mysterious man of her dreams. Is he a ghost? Well I suggest you read the book to find out how this question is answered. I love how the strong women of this time always manage to get themselves in trouble in the past. Darn those differences in customs. No need to fear love conquers all. Take some time and read the book. It's a beautiful love story.

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