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Christmas In The City

Kenna McMillan would do anything for her grandchildren. She would even accompany one of them hundreds of years into the future for a week of Christmas celebrations with the old witch, Morna, just to make him smile. But unexpected guests at the inn upend all of their holiday plans. As she learns more about her new acquaintance, she starts to wonder if her week away might take a romantic turn…

When a trip to Conall Castle with his granddaughter results in Malcolm Warren bumping into old friends, their quick trip out of Edinburgh quickly turns into days away from the city. While there, Malcolm meets the first woman in years to stir something long neglected inside his heart. When it comes time to return to the city, his granddaughter wants to remain behind with her new friends. He invites Kenna to come with him, promising her a tour of all of the best Christmas sights in the city.

Time together ignites their passion for one another, but the undeniable truth that they live worlds apart threatens their bond.

Kenna also holds a secret—can she trust Malcolm with the truth of Morna’s magic? If she does, will their new love for one another be enough to convince him to leave the life he’s always known? 

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October 29
Bethany Claire Books
Morgan Hysinger

Customer Reviews

math wizard ,

New Loves

An excellent Christmas story about time travel! Kenna and Cooper travel from the past into the future to visit with Morna. As we know Morna is a matchmaker if you have read any of the other books. In this time frame Kenna meets Malcom and off to the races we go. Love will bloom and happiness will grow. Cooper is from another story but he goes to the future to visit Morna more than once. Read this story and try some of the others as they are all excellent!


Lovely time travel romance

A lovely Christmas story of Kenna and Malcolm. Not your usual couple as they have grandchildren. Oh well, love can be found at any age. The book is a very easy read with lovely, strong, believable, characters. When Kenna deciedes to travel with her grandson Cooper too spend Christmas hundreds of years in the future, she meets Malcolm. They are a cute couple and their love scenes are beautiful. Even Cooper meets a girl he likes in Malcolm’s granddaughter Rosie. Maybe there is a future book for these two. I highly recommend this book.

The Vivixen ,

What a beautiful love story!

I cried some happy tears more than once and the story unfolded. I'm not going to reveal any of the plot. I'll just say that if you're already a fan of Bethany Claire and her books, you'll want to read this one immediately.

If you've never read any of Bethany's books, don't be afraid to start with this one. Even though this book is one in a series (and I have read them all and listened to them in their audio book format), it stands alone perfectly. I highly recommend it.

I got a copy in advance and absolutely fell in love with it. It not only appeals to the helpless/hopeless romantic in me, but it also helps me keep hope alive for my turn at one more romance.

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