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"Morna's Rogue" is the SWEET/CLEAN version of "Love Beyond Compare" by USA TODAY Bestselling Author, Bethany Claire. This version is for readers who prefer clean language in their stories and love scenes that stay behind closed doors.

A strange new world. An unexpected love.

Jane Mitchell has always been a dreamer, but living in the seventeenth century was never one of her fantasies. Transported through time against her will by the meddling witch, Morna, Jane chooses to stay in the past to remain near the family she loves most. Still, castle life doesn’t fulfill her, and Jane quickly realizes she needs more purpose in her life. Determined to make her own way, Jane takes work at the village inn never suspecting for a moment just how much one guest will change her life.

The last thing Adwen MacChristy wants is to be laird of Cagair Castle. He wants to wander—to spend his days traveling the world and sleeping beneath the stars. Nothing breaks his heart more than knowing his days of adventure are about to come to an end. On his last night of freedom, Adwen stops at the inn near McMillan Castle and meets the only woman to ever truly bewitch him. For the first time in his life, he begins to believe that a life of responsibility might not be so bad if he had a fiery lass like Jane by his side.

Will Jane allow herself to fall for the reckless man who loves her, or will fate send her back to her own time before she has the chance?

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December 12
Bethany Claire Books
Morgan Hysinger

Customer Reviews

The Vivixen ,

Love is in the air and resistance is futile!

Before I became a Bethany Claire fan, I didn't usually read a book more than once. Morna's Rogue is the the sweet/clean version of Love Beyond Compare. I loved the original book and was curious to see if the sweet clean version would be just as good.

Somehow Bethany Claire manages to 'sweeten' a book and make it seem like a new story. I enjoyed it as though I had no prior knowledge of the plots or characters. You can feel comfortable recommending/giving this book to anyone in any age group. It's another great love story....love conquers all...especially when there's a little magic in the mix.


Nice and sweet

Morna's Rouge is the sweet and clean version of 'Love Beyond Compare' by Bethany Claire. Our main character Jane, is a modern girl in every sense of the term and being transported back in time, to never see New York or drive her sports car again is not sitting well with this lady. But, this time is where her family is, so she is making the best of it. She is not the type of girl to hang around in the castle doing nothing all day so she gets a job at the inn... Not for money, but because she is maybe a little bored. In comes Adwen MacChristy soon to be laird of Cragair Castle, a position he is not happy about. Adwen is a bit of a lady's man and usually gets what he wants, but not with our fair Jane. The sparks fly for both of them but they have to get past a few things. Jane doesn't think he could settle down and Adwen is not sure he wants to. Read the book and find out how they get past everything and fine true love.

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