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Morning Star Rising at its core is a love story, love story about Gods love for humanity in sending an angel to the city to see if there is any fruit in it before it is destroyed. An angel visits to find a remnant, so it can be saved. This spiritual world is lead by this angel from heaven who comes to the city with the gospel of peace.
One world is the society consisting of laws that support sexual immorality. The god of this world, the ruler of the spiritual world influences the affairs of this world. Another world lived spiritually by faith, hope and love, coexists within this fallen world.
A grass roots effort emerges with men such as Terry, Matt and Ben challenge the culture and laws of Tobin. Rachel and Kate shine as lights to champion the rights of women and children. They embrace a belief in a power greater than themselves. They shine as lights within dark places.
In a world and society that is darkened in the areas of sensuality and sexuality, there is an absence of true love. Pleasure is a dominant feature within the reign of the notorious Mayor Tobin. The popular city named Babel for all its complexity and duality is influenced by this fallen star, Lucifer. The story is about the rise and fall of one star for a new star to rise- Son of the Morning Star.
The protagonists of the story must face the challenges of their past if they are to be victorious over any future struggles. The brightest star, Christ represents the Sun that rises in the morning, dissipates darkness. This star rises within the hearts and minds of men and women who embrace eternity. This is the idea behind Morning Star Rising

Fiction & Literature
September 13

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