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Golden Vampire Paolo Monteleone begins raising a son he did not know he fathered, after the murder of the boy's mother. He meets a beautiful human college professor, Carabella Sampson, at a Halloween costume ball. She is an expert on vampire lore, but doesn’t quite believe in their existence. Paolo dresses up as himself: a vampire. 

A dark coven leader has targeted her for elimination, before she can reveal secrets of the Golden Vampire lineage she's obtained from an ancient book. Can there be a happily ever after if either his lover or his young son has to pay the ultimate sacrifice to protect the Golden Vampire race? And how in the world will Paolo be able to choose which one to save?

February 10
AL Publications
Sharon Hamilton

Customer Reviews

Aedriftboy ,

Vantastic !!!

Loved it! Start to finish, enough drama and twists, brought enough over from first book that it not leave like you were missing a plot line. Good twists, alot of hotness as vampire normally are. Wrapped up too quickly....never explained that last meeting but I loved the characters at the end, not going to spoil it for readers. Hope you read and enjoy it like I did!!!

village55 ,

Mortal Bite

I don’t usually like dark Vampire books - due to being scared to death by Bela Lugosi as a child( lol) but I absolutely love Tne Golden Vampires in this series. The author has renewed and changed my view of vampires , I now can sleep at night after reading her books! Lol! Great story and characters, l throughly enjoyed this book, Mrs H. Has turned me with her beautiful stories and characters. Loved the Jett Brothers and Cara especially, they enhanced the storyline and kept me page turning ! A must read!

mistakes10000000 ,


There are so many grammatical errors in this book I couldn’t make it past the first chapter.

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