Mortal Enemy

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Publisher Description

Vant Hu’l is cursed. Dragged to the center of a wasteland by a ruthless malevolence, the legendary warrior discovers a cavern filled with devious riddles and fiendish traps. Upon solving the labyrinth, he is confronted by a hideous creature. A beast with unimaginable abilities. A being of unspeakable evil... Death.

Without a shred of clemency, the demigod presents Vant with a choice: do his sinister bidding out in the world, or suffer an eternity of horrifying torment. Thus begins Vant’s quest out of the badlands, through the hostile wilderness, into the clutches of twisted townships, and finally toward conflict with the vile stewards of a corrupted civilization. 

But Vant will not go it alone. In the midst of his journey, he develops an unlikely companionship with a clever and venturesome teenage girl, the expert survivalist Skii Tavee. They also form an alliance with two newfound—but questionable—companions: Kram Grammie, the sneaky con man who is as crafty as he is klepto, and an off-kilter eccentric bizarrely known as The World’s Worst Magician. United, they set out to dispatch their foes, rescue the innocents caught in the crossfire, and unite the forces of a world gone astray, all while reconciling with their own haunting pasts. 

"Mortal Enemy" is an experience like no other. It is a relentless whirlwind of action and adventure. A tale of conflicted heroes and dastardly villains. A story rich with darkness and struggle, yet filled with devilishly wicked humor. It is jam-packed with nightmarish scenarios, fantastical environments, rich mythology, incredible weapons, unique technologies, and characters dripping with personality… with shocking surprises awaiting you at every turn. 

Come experience Death… if you dare.

* * *


- Dystopian Science Fantasy

- Cyberpunk Science Fantasy

- Goth Fiction

- Epic Post-Apocalyptic

- Teenage Girl Survivalist

- Immortal Warrior Dark Fantasy

- Thrilling Dark Fantasy

    Sci-Fi & Fantasy
    October 31
    NRH Books, Inc.
    Nicholas Howard

    Customer Reviews

    MellieMelsMel ,


    Mortal Enemy is a unique story that takes you on a crazy adventure. A book with rememberable and fun characters with deep pasts that are important to the story. A story filled with humor, heart, and thrill. What I love the most about this book is that there are no hero’s. Follow along with Vant’s journey as he travels alongside Skii Tavee, a young but gifted and clever survivalist. Listen to the tales of Grammie and enter the Worlds ‘best’ Magicians crazy mind. You’ll feel the chills when meeting Death. Your jaw will drop when you reach the end. Your eyes will water from laugher. And by the end, you’ll want to read it again and again.

    G. Sea ,

    Mortal Enemy

    WOW!!! The minute I started reading I couldn’t put it down. Loved each of the characters and followed their journey with anticipation. PLEASE give me the next book soon!!!

    NightlifeLA ,


    A feast for the eyes, brain, and heart. Highly recommend to anyone who likes a twisted and epic adventure!

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