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This bundle includes books four, five and six of the Mortis Vampire Series.

Death Devours:

With the threat of the First now behind her, Natalie Pierce has little time to celebrate before yet another problem arises. By killing the first vampire ever made, she inadvertently set his ancient enemies free. Ten withered, starving creatures have now been unleashed from forty thousand years of forced entombment.

Only Natalie and her vampire kin have the strength and speed to eradicate the inundation of fledgling undead that are about to rise. The last thing Nat ever wanted to do was rule but destiny cannot be denied. In her role as Mortis, she must bring her kin together or the entire human population will be destroyed. Somehow, she must find a way for the Japanese and European vampire nations to put aside their ancient enmity and work together for a common cause.

Death Betrays:

Having destroyed a horde of fledgling vampires with the help of her friends and allies, Natalie Pierce's hunt still isn't over. Their foe has fled from Africa with the intention of creating a new army of undead slaves to turn the human race into their cattle.

Nat begins to feel uneasy about the fragile alliance between the Japanese and European vampire nations as well as the truce they have with the human soldiers. Both she and Kokoro know that death and darkness awaits their kind. A betrayal is coming that will tear their alliances apart. Their fate has been decided but neither yet knows exactly how or when their dwindling species will be decimated.

Death Banishes:

Evicted from their own world by the humans that they had twice saved, Natalie Pierce and her few remaining kin float in the void of space inside the ship that has become an icy tomb.

Rescue comes in the form of an alien spacecraft and Nat and her friends are soon facing adversaries that they have never encountered before. Their dwindling species is on the brink of extinction and it quickly becomes apparent that their new enemies would be only too happy to finish them off once and for all.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
March 30
Seize The Night Agency
Draft2Digital, LLC

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