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Have you ever had a burning desire to send a deeply meaningful message to someone special, but couldn’t come up with the right words?

Many of us run into that dilemma, and that is why so often, important sentiments go unshared, and the opportunities to touch a life in a profound way, slip by us. We think that we’ve found a simple solution that will help you find just the right sentiment, at the right time, at your fingertips.

In this book you will find a compilation of 365 of our readers’ most loved and favorite quotes of the past year.

We’ve carefully gathered them from our website, newsletters, and Facebook page, which are sourced by hundreds of thousands of fans world-wide. Only the top quotes, with the very highest readers’ ratings were selected from the thousands of entries for this one of a kind book.

We’ve organized the chapters in a monthly format, featuring the most well-liked quotes of the month.

Each chapter details the origins and other interesting facts pertaining to the particular month including the zodiac sign, the birthstone, and breathtaking pictures of the flowers associated with the month. We’ve added the additional bonus of an extra quote featured for those born in that month, for a total of 12 extra quotes.

You will find yourself using this book often, and wonder what you did without it.

This book is an excellent resource to incorporate into your personal wellness plan.

You’ll find quotes that inspire you personally with whatever type of inspiration you need at the time. There are quotes that will motivate you, give you inspiration to try something new, to believe that you are special and unique, to help you relax and reflect, and much more.

The contents of this book may also be used to make someone you care about feel special.

Using your creativity, you can use this book to find the perfect sentiment and to write it in a blank card, or mount it on poster-board for a lovely framed picture. This adds a personal touch that you have designed to be perfect for your loved one, and cannot be purchased in a store. You’ll find that you’re no longer at a loss for the most perfect words.

Unlike many quote books, this special edition is lavished with lovely color pictures that inspire your mind to wander to happy places filled with beauty and wonder, while warming your heart, making it a pleasure to read, and difficult to put down.

December 10
Ingrid Renner
Smashwords, Inc.

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