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“A gift from the heart of Mother to the heart of humanity. Loving ourselves just got easier.” -Madisyn Taylor, Best-selling author, DailyOM: Inspirational Thoughts for a Happy, Healthy, and fulfilling Day

"The definitive guide for the spiritual seeker. This wisdom will transform your life!" -Robbie Holz, Co-Author of award-winning Secrets of Aboriginal Healing and Aboriginal Secrets of Awakening

“Danielle Gibbons channeled book: Mother Mary's Pathway to Love is a masterpiece that is not only life-changing to read, but profoundly beautiful in story and depth of teaching. You will be transported to the feet of The Mother, the feminine, co-creative powerhouse of love, sacredness and beauty. Let Mary's words and energy gently guide you, as only she can do, on the path of healing and releasing what separates you from your truest Self. Mother Mary’s Pathway to Love is an exquisitely written, inspirational master class and a must read for not only you, but anyone seeking to know and love themselves more authentically. This book is a treasure and highly recommended.” ~ Robin Mastro, Co-Author of Altars of Power and Grace, The Way of Vastu, and Making Room for Mr. Right

What if someone handed you a book and told you that you wouldn’t just be reading about love, you would be living it? Mother Mary’s Pathway to Love: Building a Loving Relationship With Yourself That will Transform Your Life is that book. Mother Mary takes you deep inside the most important relationship you will ever experience, the one with yourself. Her words are imbued with the power to create an interactive experience with you. She offers Her companionship while taking you on a journey of self-discovery. Each teaching supports your awakening by creating an inner awareness and experience as it unfolds.  

Mother Mary’s Pathway to Love contains twelve of Mother Mary’s teachings, each followed by a short memoir piece written by Danielle that offers an honest, personal insight into the joys and challenges of living Mother’s teachings, and bringing them to the world. This book illuminates the often-confusing path of conscious awakening to the individual’s own mind, body, and spirit. Mother’s teachings offer a perspective rarely seen out in the world, that we are whole and complete as we are, whether it is our ego, our shadow, or our light. At the heart of Her teachings is the revelation that there is nothing about any of us that requires changing. The only thing we need is continued awakening to ourselves as we are.

She explains to us, in this book, how to let go of our fantasy self and embrace our real self-using kindness, infinite wisdom, practical suggested actions, and meditations designed to awaken the reader to higher consciousness, a deeper love of self, life and the divine. She is devoted to all by being our staunchest ally and unfailing advocate. Reading Her words aligns the individual with the things in life that matter the most to them and brings clarity to what lights them up.

May 17
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