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"MOTION COMICS - How to Animate Graphic Novels, Comic Books & Cartoons" is the definitive book for anyone who is interested in making their drawings and illustrations move. Covering the entire process of putting a Motion Comic together from beginning to end, it also advises on the best process of selecting and then bringing drawn frames alive through animated movement, whether it be hand-drawn or through the world renowned ToonBoom Studio software. This book is the culmination of the author’s lifetime of award-winning experience in 2D animation, in addition to his development of animated graphic novel instructional classes in Seattle.

This book is a ‘must’ for anyone who wishes to enter the emerging world of Motion Comic promotion, or wishes to see their illustrations and designs of any kind brought to life through 2D animation.

‘Motion Comics’ is especially valuable for…

Graphic Novel artists.

Comic Book artists.




Children’s Book artists.

Traditional 2D animators.

Vector-based animators.

Creative storytellers and student artists

Author Tony White is an internationally recognized, award-winning animator and author who has over 30 years production experience around the world, plus over 12 years teaching experience at the highest level in the USA. Tony has devised what he believes is the first course of its kind in Motion Comic instruction and has been instructing students on that subject over the past two years. This teaching innovation is the basis on which this entire book has been created.

Tony White (www.tonywhiteanimation.com) is also founder of the ‘2D Academy’ (www.2dacademy.com) the mission of which is to preserve, teach and evolve the art-form of traditional hand-drawn animation – a place where talented students will be able to apprentice with master animators on ground-breaking productions. The 2D Academy recently launched a course of 3 online Advanced Diploma courses entitled ‘Mastering 2D Animation’ via ‘Udemy’ (https://www.udemy.com/2d-academy-animation-101). 

Tony is also founder of “Drawassic”, the production arm of the 2D Academy which currently has several projects in development, the most recent of which is the movie “Spirit of the Game”, where he hopes to enable his finest students to work with him and other top professionals who will be working him on the film.

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October 19
Tony White

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