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Motorbiking Cambodia & Vietnam

Thinking of going to Cambodia or Vietnam? Want to explore at your own pace on a motorcycle? Want advice on buying or renting a motorcycle? Wondering where to overnight and how long it would take to ride through Cambodia or Vietnam? Want to avoid scams often pulled on tourists riding motorcycles? Read on…

An irrepressible sense of freedom, a winding, open road, lush green jungles, and you. Sound incredible? Oh, we’ve ignored the most important element in this scenario – a thumping, pulse-pounding engine, cradled between your legs, rocketing you to destinations, unknown, and adventures aplenty. Prepare for the trip of a lifetime.

Travel writer and motorcycle enthusiast Anton Swanepoel lived and backpacked through South East Asia for 18 months. He has bought and sold 3 motorcycles in cambodia, with which he transversed the length and breath of Cambodia. He has also bought a motorcycle in Saigon, where he continued to ride on to Hanoi (over 2400km), then put the motorcycle on a train and came all the way down to Saigon. Not done exploring, he crossed the border into Cambodia with the motorcycle and continued his adventures.
Noting the frustration of other motorcycle enthusiasts he met along the way for the lack of easy to find knowledge available to do adventures like this, he has penned this book. The problems he solved and routes he took plus tips and advice to avoid scams are all packed into this easy to read book.

In This Book You Will Discover:
•What to know when renting, buying or selling a motorcycle in SEA (with trustworthy places to use).
•Maps, and well-described routes for from Saigon to Hanoi, and the Cambodia Loop.
•GPS coordinates and advice for accommodation in towns (a must for remote stretches in Vietnam).
•Breakdown of the most common motorcycles sold to tourist, their pros and cons.
•How to avoid popular scams.
•Border crossing between counties.
•Breakdown of time and cost calculations to help you plan your own routes.
•Information on tour groups if you want to hire guides.

With the included pictures, learn the lay of the land, which act as landmarks to further simplify your ride. With the advice in this book, know how to rent or buy the motorcycle that’s right for you.

If you are thinking of riding a motorcycle in Cambodia or Vietnam, then This Book Is For You

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December 1
Anton Swanepoel
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