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Motorcycle Road Trips (Vol. 11) Mid-Atlantic Back Roads Made For Motorcycling

These eight published magazine articles cover some of the mid-Atlantic's best routes for corner carvers needing a twisty road fix to satisfy their addiction. The number one roads in New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia are here for the taking and the most equestrian-laden and scenic route across Pennsylvania, Maryland, and West Virginia is here too.

The Mid-Atlantic's Potomac Highlands Region where Virginia and West Virginia meet, is one of the top five riding areas in the country. The combination of winding mountain passes that will have you up-shifting and downshifting and up-shifting and downshifting as your motorcycle's engine strains with the terrain's rise and fall and the narrow valley straights with towering 5000' peaks on both sides that make you feel as if you're slicing open the earth itself will have you grinning ear to ear inside your helmet.

Virginia's Southwest Region is a riding area that's remained "off the radar" for decades, but now it's getting its long deserved notice. The roads aren't quite as tight as those in the Potomac Highlands Region, but mile after mile of long sweeping curves with the green rolling hills of Piedmont farm country passing by will only add to your ride.

This region has some monster roads, including the Blue Ridge Parkway, but the numbered State and US Routes are notoriously unmarked so be careful when you enter a turn and there's no recommended speed sign. It's almost guaranteed to be tighter than you think. Don't forget, the occasional walking pace hay wagon train could be around any corner, so be prepared to pucker up and take evasive maneuvers.

A few years ago jaded West Coast journalists "discovered" the great riding in these areas, but we knew it all along. Despite the favorable press coverage, these areas remain almost devoid of traffic and traffic enforcement officers. Now you know too.

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April 24
Robert H. Miller
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