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If you liked Bridgewater County, you don't want to miss the wild mountain men of Cutthroat, Montana!

We wanted forever with Kit Lancaster. Instead of getting her between us, she left town, bolted like a horse from a barn on fire. A year later, she's back and she's going to be ours. To have, to hold and to f-ing keep. Forever.

What could get in the way? Oh yeah, a little thing called murder.

Safe, no cheating and a guaranteed HEA.

September 22
Bridger Media
Bridger Media

Customer Reviews

i luv reading ,

Mountain darkness

A hot love story, with well filled out characters. Good drama.

Campnoname ,

Great read

Wow I loved it, but then again I haven’t found anything she has written that I don’t like. My caution this is a cliffhanger book. Can’t It to finish series.

Latrinaj ,

Two are better than one!

Mountain Darkness is the first book in the Wild Mountain Men Series by Vanessa Vale.
Always two and always a woman between them.

Kit Lancaster came from the ohter side of the tracks. Some in town thought she was someone to play with but not someone to take home. Kit left her home a year ago for two big reasons, and now those two reasons want kit, and she wants them.

Nixon Knight is big, goo and dominate. He is the two detective trying to solve a case that his woman is the prime suspect in.

Donovan Nash is the two DA. Along with Nixox he wants to ut kit between them, but first he has to help clear his woman’s name.

Kit is back and they plan to make her theirs, but before they can have their happy ending, murder is in the air and the dA and Detective have to find the murderer so they can set their kitty free.

Nixon and Donovan didn’t ovrshadow each other in the story. The story line is intriguing, the sex scenes are always very descriptive and steamy. I like that about Ms. Vale.

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