Mountains of Grace

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When wildfires threaten her Montana home, Mercy Yoder finds herself torn between the Amish man who proposed without a declaration of love and the Englisch smoke jumper who can’t seem to stay away.

Mercy Yoder loves her students and her life in the tiny village of West Kootenai, nestled at the foot of Montana’s most northern mountains. And she is in no rush to get married . . . much to the disappointment of her parents. In fact, she has turned down the one marriage proposal she’s received. Her beau, Caleb, has yet to tell her he loves her, stoking her fears that they simply aren’t right for each other.

When a devastating wildfire threatens to destroy her beloved community, Mercy and her family evacuate to the nearby town of Eureka. There she meets Spencer McDonald, an Englisch fireman. Her conversations with him are unlike any she’s ever had with a man. She finds his directness and ability to express his feelings refreshing and completely different from Caleb, who is tightlipped about his past.

But what would her family and community say if Mercy chose a relationship with an Englischer? Is Mercy willing to give up all she has known and loved for someone who finally understands her? Or can Mercy find the love she has always longed for closer to home?
Sweet, inspirational Amish romancePart of the Amish of Big Sky Country SeriesBook 1: Mountains of GraceBook 2: A Long Bridge HomeBook 3: Peace in the ValleyIncludes discussion questions for book clubs

Fiction & Literature
August 6

Customer Reviews

Kris Anderson, The Avid Reader ,

A thoughtful novel

Mountains of Grace is the first novel in Amish of Big Sky Country series. The story is set in West Kootenai area of Montana where a devastating forest fire is sweeping through the area despite the efforts of fire firefighters. It was interesting to learn about smoke jumpers and their role. There is a large cast of characters in this novel (there is a helpful list at the front of the book), and I admit that I found it difficult to keep them all straight. It did become easier the further I progressed into the book (past the halfway mark). Caleb Hostetler has been courting Mercy Yoder for eight months when he proposed which took Mercy by surprise. Spencer McDonald, a smoke jumper, had a lousy childhood with an alcoholic mother who has recently changed her ways. Spencer had been dating a bank teller, Patty until the issue of religion came between them. Juliette Knowles comes from a Christian family, but she quit attending church after a youth event in high school. She wears revealing clothing and is plain spoken. Deputy Tim Trudeau has fallen for Juliette, but he cannot be unequally yoked. Family, friendship, relationships, forgiveness and faith are the central themes of Mountains of Grace. Individuals dealing with past trauma and how it is presently affecting their lives. They all must work towards forgiveness and healing with God’s help. The individuals are going through a rough time after being evacuated and then losing their homes, belongings, and way to make a living. Mountains of Grace is an emotional novel. The characters experience grief, loss, heartache, pain, and confusion which can be felt by the reader. I like Pastor Matt from First Church of God. He was there for his parishioners (and those who were not) when they needed him. He gave good advice and encouragement along with Pepsi. One of the phrases from the story that I liked was “Make plans and watch God laugh.” While religion is prevalent, it is not in your face or over-the-top. It was beautifully incorporated into the story. I did feel that the storylines in Mountains of Grace followed an expected path. I could tell you how it would end after learning each of the main characters stories. Of course, I have read dozens of Amish novels since I discovered them over twenty years ago. I did enjoy how things played out for our characters and the ending left me smiling. Mountains of Grace is a thoughtful novel with a destructive fire, a confused Caleb, spunky Juliette, faithful Tim, wounded Spencer, and a book loving schoolteacher named Mercy.

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