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Holly is no ordinary student.
She's wise, mature, confident,
And completely off-limits.

I know the rules, know the drill.
Yet, I can't stop thinking about her.

About wanting to know her,
Touch her,
Taste her.

And when I do,
It changes everything,
Ruins it all.


Evan Marshall is more than my teacher.

He's everything:
Smart, witty, insightful,
And incredibly sexy.

The more I see him,
The more he touches me,
The more I want.

But I know the boundaries,
And they're blurring by the second.

Fiction & Literature
October 17
Jessa York
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

psychMDPR ,

Loved it!

Wow! This book was like a breath of fresh air. There was drama and the need to keep things quiet, since it’s the story of a high school substitute teacher, Evan, and his student, Holly. It was fun how the met and then their relationship progressed slowly. Her life was complicated, but she is a strong, intelligent woman who can take care of herself and her mother. She is a good person, and so is he. He is out of the picture for a while, she is left alone, but still has friends, goes through different situations and ends up reuniting with him. They are a beautiful couple that stole my heart and deserved their HEA.

Mrs.Dixon♥️ ,

Another Must Read

I am not generally into student/teacher romances however, love Jessa's writing so I gave it a chance. I was not disappointed!!! Holly and Evan's chemistry was off the charts from the beginning. Highly recommend!!

Jenn the Readaholic ,

Give it a shot

Wow. Just wow. I’m not really into the taboo teacher/student thing, but I’m glad I gave this book a shot! This felt a little like a much more entertaining, nowhere near as needlessly dramatic or drawn out, better version of Slammed (SO much better and more realistic). Evan and Holly know that their attraction is wrong, but they also both know that there’s no walking away from it. What starts out innocently enough rapidly builds into some seriously steamy stuff and a secret relationship. Of course, Holly has to get through her senior year intact, and Evan has to remain walking free, but their romance is unstoppable. Even in the face of jealous and catty acts, their love remains. But when trouble comes for them both, Evan is forced to leave and Holly is forced to live her life completely alone. Will they find their way back to each other, or is this just a forbidden flash in the pan? You’ll have to read to find out just how their story ends!

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