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Wanted: American nanny for an adorable four-year old. Must be able to handle a moody, brooding, sexy British boss.

I'm a single father, a lawyer and some say the most serious man in London. I'm completely focused on raising my four-year-old daughter.

Since my wife walked out three years ago, the only woman who has ever caught my eye is the strictly off-limits sister-in-law of my best friend, Autumn Lumen.

But temptation is easy to resist because Autumn is only visiting London from Oregon.

Until she moves to London. The nanny quits. And she's the only woman for the job.

"This book has heat and so much heart it had me swooning.  I'm in love with Mr. Smithfield."  Adriana Locke, USA Today bestselling author

"A swoon fest with soul—and loads of the delicious tension that comes with a forbidden attraction to the nanny." Jessica Hawkins, USA Today bestselling author

"Bay knocked it out of the park. I couldn't turn the pages fast enough. Five shining stars." - New York Times best-selling author Aleatha Romig

April 13
Louise Bay
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Bibliophile Chloe ,

Love this series!

I really enjoy this series of standalones by Ms. Bay! I love the premise of an American girl finding her way in England. It's like I learn a bit more about everyday life in England in each book I read!

This is Gabriel and Autumn's story.

Gabriel is adjusting to life as a single dad. He has been blindsided by his wife leaving and for the past few years has built up walls around himself and his daughter to make sure nothing will happen again.

Autumn is the nanny, but she is so much more! She is a friend, she is a confidant and she brings life and color to the gray world that Gabriel finds himself living in.

This is the story of how being in love means having to let go, to see if that love is true and lasting. I admired Autumn's strength to make the choices she did to ensure that what she wanted in her future was truly what she needed.

The dialogue is witty and fresh, and the secondary characters (which you will recognize if you have read any of her past books) bring a depth and levity to the story when needed.

Visiting England is on my bucket list and Ms. Bay's stories just make it move up my list just a bit faster!

Yahaira713 ,

Love it

Love it !!

Suzanne Golt ,

Love this series and Mr. Smithfield!

Mr. Smithfield is the latest edition in a series featuring five successful British male friends who each find love. It’s clever how the book titles reflect the prominent area where they are from and not their surnames. Mr. Mayfair and Mr. Knightsbridge are standalones as well as Mr. Smithfield, but if you have the time, they are well worth the read and will give you some background on our sexy, broody, moody hero, Gabriel Chase, and Autumn Lumen, our 23-year-old sweet, cheerful, and lover–of–all–musicals, heroine.

Autumn moves to London from the US to be closer to her sister, Hollie, who is now engaged to Dexter Daniels of Mr. Knightsbridge. I love their close friendships, their interactions, and how they lift each other up as well as banter. Love the witty deadpan one-liners too. Many funny moments!

Gabriel is a wonderful single dad who works too much at an attorney, and a particular client sours his mood quite often. Autumn graduated from college, or university as they say in Europe, and her career plans are put on hold due to the recession, so she takes Gabriel up on his offer of live-in nanny to his adorable four-year old daughter, Bethany. This is the perfect arrangement, as it will allow her to save money while her career plans are on a hiatus and hopefully travel one day.

She’s off limits to him for three reasons: their age difference, she is working for him, and she’s the sister of his best friend’s future wife. The way the author describes each character will make you feel for them and route for their happiness. Gabriel’s wife left him and Bethany resulting in him devoting his life to just his daughter, work, and his small group of friends. Being hurt so deeply on a personal level had him doubting that a life of love with a woman he could trust was in the cards for him, but Autumn changed all that as she brought so much joy and passion into his life, as well as his daughter’s.

Autumn was a ray of sunshine and I loved her optimistic attitude and how she came from very humble beginnings and was willing to work hard to reach her goals. She made every day an adventure and saw the bright side of life; she was wise beyond her years. Autumn made Gabriel smile and I loved how they slowly got to know one another, opened up, and took a chance. Louise doesn’t waste time getting these two together...this is no slow burn! Their physical connection is insane and this quiet reserved man was pure alpha when it came to Autumn. He was also thoughtful and charming, and gave her some of the swooniest gifts ever.

These two had a beautiful intimate relationship and really brought out the best in each other. I liked that he changed his career goals so that he would be more happy and fulfilled professionally, and how he deeply and affectionately loved Autumn. And don’t let all the sweetness fool you, there was plenty of steam in this romance as in all of Louise’s books! That man could dirty talk and wasted no time pleasing his woman! No wonder she was happy all the time!

When his wife shows up as their divorce isn’t final yet, that’s when the true test of their relationship is challenged, and Autumn selflessly makes a decision that will impact their entire future. I won’t share what that is as I don’t want to spoil it for you, but know that everything works out as it should. Also there is NO CHEATING as Gabriel and his wife are legally separated.

I have never had the pleasure of visiting Europe and hope to one day, and loved all the references of places to visit and travel that were featured in Mr. Smithfield. They were described so beautifully and it’s obvious the author has a true appreciation for culture. I loved the character growth and how if you work at a relationship, are honest, forgive with your whole heart, and compromise things can work out. It gives me hope.

Looking forward to Mr. Park Lane featuring ladies man Joshua. Wondering who will finally capture his heart?

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