Mr. Tiger Goes Wild

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Are you bored with being so proper?
Do you want to have more fun?
Mr. Tiger knows exactly how you feel. So he decides to go wild.
But does he go too far?
From Caldecott Honor artist Peter Brown comes a story that shows there's a time and place for everything...even going wild.

    September 3
    Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
    Hachette Digital, Inc.
    Grades P-3

    Customer Reviews

    Taury ,

    For Anyone Who Feels "On the Outside of Normal" and PROUD of it! (Says "The Literary Rat of T.A.A.)

    I feel bad I didn’t get to this book sooner, but whether or not you believe in that “Ye Olde Kitten’s Tale” about nine lives, I hope this book will possess that fabled staying power.

    This a book for anyone who’s ever felt on the outside. (Which is most of us if we’re honest, and yes, even you extroverts know what I mean) Anyway…

    Mr. Tiger may look dapper on the outside, but he feels drabber than drab within. Why?

    His life’s too neat, far too proper, and is more than a little tired of tea parties.

    While this way of life is nice and peaceful, it’s also getting dull and stuffy for our dapper hero (not to be confused with another tea-sipping tiger: "The Tiger Who Came to Tea", different book,different author, for another review...

    I often lament the "Minimalist Era" picture books are in right now (this might be more common in non-illustrator writers like me), but it’s a real treat here because it’s in these pages without narrative text (or dialogue in the form of comic speech bubbles) where we see the evolution from discontented tiger to WILDCAT ON THE RUN!

    Author-Illustrator Peter Brown is known for being a sort of literary MacGyver-Fashionista in the picture book world, he often varies his illustration styles from book to book, watercolors for one, digital 2.5 D cutouts for another.

    The white minimalist background in many of the page spreads really make the vibrantly colorful characters pop out at you, in particular, due to his emerging sense of freedom the more wild he gets.

    The illustrations feel modern yet tastefully retro at the same time. It reminds me a little of the art style author-illustrator Dan Yaccarino used as the model for the “Oswald” television series Nickelodeon did (under it’s “Nick Jr.” imprint), and also reminds me of the slick charm and wit of Gus Gordon’s “Herman and Rosie”

    We often associate being a rebel with being an outlaw, or at best someone with few or NO moral grounding, at all.

    But a “rebel” is simply someone who is against what the common wisdom is.

    Sometimes the common wisdom is not wise for everyone.

    After all, the greatest minds of the past and present were rebels in one form or another, and authors (and their characters) have ALWAYS reveled in various rebellious forms at one time or another.

    Mr. Tiger’s a rebel, if only because he’s honoring a part of himself that’s been stifled far too long, and without getting all “Aesop’s Fables” on you, let’s just say the world could use more: WILD TIME!

    For some it’s about going with the flow and not letting everything about your day feel more programmed than those Utopian robot maids many homebodies dream about…

    For others, it’s enjoying an occasional doughnut without shaming yourself and still working at eating healthier than you once did.

    Still, for others, it’s about taking a break from raised pinkies, tea, and wearing pants…

    For me, it’s having the courage and self-compassion to walk in my truth, to openly live and love my passions, one of which is sharing with you, my precious readers. I’ve read many great books in 2014, but this is among the best.

    While “My Teacher is A Monster (No, I Am Not)” will only increase in popularity, but for this lit. rat, “Mr. Tiger Goes Wild” will always be one of my favorites, because this was the book that hooked me into the world of Peter Brown, and is a tangible testament to what I'm (as both a reader and author myself) am all about-

    Being Free to be You NO MATTER WHAT!

    -An Abridged reversion of the original review on

    TVXQAWKTF <3 ,


    This is a great book. Illustrations and story are memorable and impressive.

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