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“The door a fraction away, the lock still secured, a turn, that’s all it needed. Nearly ripping the doorknob from the wood as she gripped it savagely, it yielded quickly to her hand. Then, an unexpected feeling of metallic coldness touched the back of her head."

Introducing David Lewelyn. He can read your mind. No, not really. But he does know when you’re lying. He’s a lie hunter. You can keep your face as still as wall. You can stiffen yourself like a corpse. You can shut your mouth tight. It won’t matter, because he’ll know. You can’t hide the truth, not from him. But does this make him the perfect liar? 

When Lewelyn’s secretary, Hannah Miller, is found dead in her apartment with her wrists and ankles bound and countless slashes across her body, he is the LAPD’s immediate suspect, since he was seen at the apartment just hours before the murder. His DNA does not match the sample found at the crime scene, but does that really rule him out as a suspect and should he be allowed to help the police? 

As the investigation progresses there are few leads to follow. The crime scene is near spotless. The DNA found at the apartment is not registered in the National Database. The few suspects that do emerge provide concrete alibis. And the only person who seems to know anything about Hannah is Lewelyn. As the investigators close in on the truth the prime motive behind the murder emerges. What they uncover is, murder is high in demand. 

Much Needed Rain offers readers the opportunity to see multiple sides of the story, following the investigator’s path to identifying the killer and glimpsing inside the mind of the killer. R. G. Oram’s debut crime thriller seeks to question readers’ conceptions of a killer and will appeal to fans of the genre, as well as readers looking for a plot that will have them gripped until the end.

Mysteries & Thrillers
December 21
Troubador Publishing Ltd