Murder at Summerset

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Publisher Description

Mirrors the post French revolution expression, ‘Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.’ In spite of technological advances that allow life to survive on other planets, human being’s quest for power hasn’t changed over a century’s time. Riveting . . . exciting . . . . I pray they never invent an inviolable test like the Cavanaugh Truth Audit and hope that our democracies will ever be safe from the likes of President Mark Hudson. An excellent back and forth between here and there. The libertarian Europa and the swiftly devolving American fascist state are at odds. Shows you how and why. I’ve read a lot of the fantastic and I’m thoroughly convinced this is one of the best hard sci-fi stories to come out in a long time.

An exhilarating murder mystery set in twenty-second century . . . it is a thrilling suspense mystery novel that left me with a tingling sensation of excitement as I sat on the edge of my seat tearing through the pages. With the story centered on a series of murders in the small mining community of Summerset, Sam and his crew must find the culprit before their community is lost forever. One thing that makes the story so ingenious is that the identity of the killer is so well concealed from the reader that when the revelation finally occurs, it hits hard and unexpected. With such a shocking ending, the book almost begs to be re-read once the ending is known . . . the book can not be talked about though without taking a moment to mention the intriguing political battle being fought on earth simultaneously to the Summerset murder mystery. Opening with the capture of the U.S. President Hudson by Rising Sign agents, the political fractions at war add a whole other level to this book’s already captivating plot. From a mad prison break out and spreading of a deadly disease to shady elections, assassinations, kidnappings and plenty of killings, the crisis on earth can be summed up with many words….but none of them being the word “dull”. The two stories, while being separate, are woven together in such a brilliant way that both compliment each other . . . finally, if the plot is not gratifying enough for the reader, the constant action is sure to thrill and please even the most critical of thriller seekers. The book opens with action, and does not die down. As a reader of action and thrillers, I am always disappointed when I have to endure a dry spell in a work where a period of nothingness occurs. This book does not however, have such a period. Each chapter, and each part with in each chapter, is written to be enjoyable in of itself as well as in the larger picture. A well worth while book…one that I would highly recommend to any who wish to delve their mind into a fictional world filled with high paced adventure.

Mysteries & Thrillers
October 19
E A (Edward) St Amant
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

TRessaire ,

Murder at Summerset

This book is well written and has an interesting futuristic plot that weaves political turmoil, murder and suspense. It was difficult for me to keep up with all the characters and story lines but action and intrigue kept it moving. Its not a light read, but requires attention. I would recommend this book for anyone who enjoys a plot that keeps the mind engaged.

Indian8 ,

Murder at summerset

Book is very confusing to follow through. Too many characters with no proper introduction and timeline is also not properly established. Story line is interesting but the book could have been written better

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