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Normally the most violent thing that happens on the campus of Midstate University is a football game, but that all suddenly changes. Dr. Christmas Connery and her basset hound find Elizabeth Page, the director of the Midstate Museum of Art, dead on the gallery floor in the middle of a kinetic sculpture exhibit shortly after a successful opening. It gets even more complicated when it’s discovered she was killed with a very unusual weapon, one that crushed the side of her skull with a half-inch steel ball bearing. The list of people who were not fond of Page is a long one. She could charm the big bucks out of even the stingiest donors, but she rarely wasted her energy on even being polite to her colleagues. Chris’s murder-buff mother, Pansy, while visiting Chris, works her wiles on the police detective in charge, whose unwelcome presence on campus shakes the ivy-covered walls to their foundations. When the most obvious suspect is murdered, even Chris herself is suddenly in danger.

Mysteries & Thrillers
June 14
Nora Barker
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Susan Germain-Wachs ,

Murder in Primary Colors

Pleasant reading. Interesting subject.

sandy w 746 ,

Good enough

There were areas that assumed the reader knew the make up of university divisions that were confusing without further clarification. On the other hand the book was way longer than it needed to be. I usually don’t care how long a book is but I thought this one was never going to end.

beyondthegild ,

Murder in Primary Colors

Wonderful read! Descriptive and engaging narrative with interesting characters and well thought storyline. Thoroughly enjoyed!

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