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USA Today bestselling author Amanda Flower is back with the third in her more-charming-than-ever Magical Bookshop mystery. Fans of Sofie Kelly and Heather Blake, prepare your bookshelves!

Niagara region booksellers Violet Waverly and Grandma Daisy sleuth the slaying of a sommelier whose book signing turned into her sayonara.

January means ice wine season in the Niagara Falls region, but the festivities leave Charming Books owner Violet Waverly cold, still reeling from a past heartbreak. A past heartbreak who will be present at the annual midnight grape-harvest festival, and no magic in the world or incantation powerful enough could get Violet to attend. But Grandma Daisy, an omniscient force all on her own, informs Violet that she’s already arranged for the mystical Charming Books to host celebrity sommelier Belinda Perkins’s book signing at the party. Little do either Waverly women know, the ice wine festival will turn colder still when Violet finds Belinda in the middle of the frozen vineyard—with a grape harvest knife protruding from her chest.

Belinda grew up in Cascade Springs, but she left town years ago after a huge falling-out with her three sisters. One of those sisters, Violet’s high school friend Lacey Dupont, attends the book signing in the hope of making amends with her sister, but Belinda and Lacey end up disrupting the signing with a very public shouting match and Lacey quickly becomes the prime suspect in the sommelier’s murder.

Violet is sure Lacey is innocent, and to keep her friend out of prison, Violet asks for guidance from her magical bookshop. The shop’s ethereal essence points her to Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women, but what have the four March sisters to do with the four Perkins sisters? If she can’t figure it out, Violet, herself, may turn as cold as ice. Violet, Grandma Daisy, Emerson the tuxedo cat, and resident crow Faulkner are back on the case in Murders and Metaphors, USA Today bestselling author Amanda Flower’s enchanting third Magical Bookshop mystery.

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February 12
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Kris Anderson, The Avid Reader ,

Third book A Magical Bookshop Mystery series

Murders and Metaphors by Amanda Flower takes readers back to Cascade Springs, New York. Violet Waverly and her grandmother, Daisy own and run Charming Books with its magical birch tree. Violet is the newest Caretaker and she is still adjusting to her new duties. The booksellers are heading to Morton Wineries where Belinda Perkins, a sommelier and bestselling author, will be holding a book signing for her newest release. After the signing, the Morton’s will be hosting their annual ice wine cutting party. During the signing Lacey Perkins arrives to see her estranged sister, but Belinda ends up causing a scene by refusing to talk with Lacey. Emerson, Violet’s tuxedo cat, insisted on coming to the winery with them. When they prepare to leave, Emerson takes off into the vineyard. Violet gives chase and trips over a frozen Belinda Perkins with a curved grape cutting knife in her back. Thanks to the public altercation, Lacey ends up at the top of Chief Rainwater’s suspect list. Violet knows that Lacey would not harm anyone much less her sister, but Violet needs more information if she is to clear her friend. The shop keeps giving Violet copies of Little Women to guide her in the investigation. She now needs to figure out how the Perkins sisters relate to the March girls. Join Violet, Daisy, Emerson and Faulkner in their quest to identify Belinda’s killer in Murders and Metaphors.

Murders and Metaphors is the third tale in A Magical Bookshop Mystery series, but it can be read alone. Everything a reader needs to know is included. Cascade Springs is a charming small town with a mystical spring. Charming Books has an enchanted two hundred year old birch tree growing in the middle which needs this special water twice a week from the Caretaker. The magical essence in the shop helps Daisy and Violet guide customers to the perfect book plus it has aided Violet in solving two local crimes. I thought Murders and Metaphors was well-written with steady pacing. I like the engaging yet quirky characters which include Faulkner, the talking crow and Emerson, a canny feline. Daisy is a delightful woman and I hope I am as sprightly at her age. She is a little bit at loose ends with Violet taking over the Caretaker duties, but I believe Daisy has found just the right job to keep her busy (I do not want to spoil it for you). Violet has only been the Caretaker for six months. She is a smart woman who teaches at the local college in addition to her work at the bookstore. Violet is also finishing up work on her doctoral thesis which she will defend in May (busy woman). The mystery has multiple suspects, good clues and misdirection. Identifying the killer, though, was a snap (maybe I have read too many mysteries). Violet needs to work on the way she asks questions. She is too direct (Violet needs to channel Daisy). I loved the inclusion of Little Women. The store is trying to help Violet solve Belinda’s murder, and it is not being subtle. It was interesting to learn about ice wine. I had not heard about this beverage before (I like learning new things). There is a man in town who is too nosy for his own good and may cause trouble for our bookstore owners. I have a feeling we have not seen the last of him. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this enchanting cozy mystery. Murders and Metaphors has humor, a touch of romance, a talking crow, a murder, a busy cat, magic and references to my favorite book, Little Women.

Ellen/Oceanside ,


Who doesn’t believe in Magic. The bookshop seems magical, the tree,the crow, the cat, and books, special books for each who come. They are also participants of a local author doing a book signing, who also a famous wine critic. Something went wrong and led to a murder and Violet investigates. The author has a unique way of drawing you into this story and as readers we want to help Violet with another murder. Given ARC by Net Galley and Crooked Lane for my voluntary review and my honest opinion.

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