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Complete 5 Part Series includes all suspenseful urban stories packed with intertwining stories of lust, revenge, shocking twists of fate and even murder, all rooting from one single source of questionable love!

Even better is the unreleased bonus story titled Sins of Bain which is included in this complete collection that takes readers into the mind and make of the mysterious, powerful, and intriguing character named Bain from where this story begins! Read a summary of the suspense Murders at Gabriel's Trails below!

---Twenty-seven year old Bain and the underage fifteen year old Alexis have been secretly in love for one whole year behind the backs of everyone on the outside of Gabriel's Trails, one of the roughest neighborhoods known for robberies, brawls and even murders, located on a rather wealthy side of town. When Alexis, the daughter of wealthy parents, ends up deep inside of Gabriel's Trails for the first time in the middle of the night, things go terribly wrong, quickly spiraling out of control into a full force of reality, leading her to question one thing - Is Bain really who Alexis believes he is or is there something more sinister behind the man who she's come to love? Things, also, take a turn for the worse when another young man ends up tangled inside the worst trouble he can imagine behind this same young lady!

Destructive events lead some directly in the line of fire while on a trek through the trails. From there, it becomes a matter of life, death or deception! Afterwards, revenge and blackmail reign! In efforts to set things straight and bring the worst kind of street justice, young men target a family of innocents all in the name of honor!

For the bonus story, Sins of Bain, Bain's past confronts him uncovering a murderous plot set in motion over the love of money and loyalty! ---

Follow the lives of individuals who come from different sides of the trails as their lives collide, and the truth becomes blurred with lies, lies turn joy into sorrow, sorrow hopes for happiness while happiness hopes for tomorrow in the unpredictable urban series Murders at Gabriel's Trails: The Complete 5 Part Series plus bonus story - Sins of Bain!

Fiction & Literature
October 26
Akirim Press
Draft2Digital, LLC

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