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Luca Cassano is off-limits, hard-to-reach, and hotter than hell. 

After the turf war that almost got Luca killed, a job in Miami working as a bodyguard sounds like just what the doctor ordered; sun, sand, and a completely straightforward job. 

But as soon as he lays eyes on Isabel, he knows that being the hired muscle will be more a lot more complicated than he imagined. 

Isabel Fuentes knows people think she’s spoiled and callous. Being the daughter of a notorious drug lord will do that to a girl, and things have only gotten worse since her father’s death. Now his drug empire is run by her brother, Diego, and while their father might have been a man without a conscious, Diego is a more dangerous animal entirely. 

At first, Isabel thinks Luca is just another hired gun. Someone to keep her from pulling the wild stunts that remind her she’s still alive — that there’s still hope for something else. But it doesn’t take long to realize there’s more than meets the eye under Luca’s very hot facade. 

And that is a complication Isabel doesn’t need. 

But when Diego reveals a nefarious reason for keeping Isabel close, she’s forced to rely on Luca instead of keeping her distance. Now he may be the only one who can save her — and the one man who can bring her alive with his touch.

May 3
Blackthorn Press
Michelle Zink

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janice1231 ,

Hot and explosive!!!

A Review of The Muscle: The Complete Story by Michelle St. James

Hot and explosive!!! - 5++ stars

We first met Luca in Michelle's other series and he was hot there, but he is sooo much hotter in this series. Of course, it is his story, so it is as it should be. With the Syndicate in tatters, everyone that Luca knew has spread out. Now, he is in Miami, taking a job as a bodyguard. Piece of cake, right? Wrong! When he finally meets his assignment, he finds the girl from the night before standing in front of him and he knows that this job just became a whole lot more complicated than what he wanted.

Isabel is basically being held prisoner by her own brother. When their father died, he left the drug business to Diego, but left all the money to the girls. With his heavy use of cocain, he is becoming more and more dangerous to both Isabel and their little sister. She just wants to get Sofia away from Diego and let her life a normal life, but Diego needs Isabel to sign over money to him on a regular basis, which is why he is keeping her locked up and guarded.

I do like the fact that this is the full collection of the series and that there are no cliffhangers. Michelle brings her characters to life, with all their diversities and quirks. We see some of the other characters from her earlier series as well, so hang on to your seats, it's going get a little bumpy. Lots of twists and turns.

**Complimentary Copy provided by Author for an honest review.**

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