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Music Is My Therapy

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This book will utilize one of the greatest artistic phenomena as a coping and healing tool in your powerful journey to mental wellness. You will explore the melodic meanings of some of the best music of our time while applying their themes of love, empowerment, sadness, reflection, anger, and hope into your plan to improve your life. Music has the ability to motivate you to achieve your goals, soothe your greatest moments of sadness, calm your heightening moments of anger, celebrate your greatest achievements, and open your mind to healing and rejuvenation. Music can also evoke powerful emotions; it can fuel our anger, make us laugh, provide comfort in distress, and sometimes be so beautiful that it makes us cry.

Music is the auditory bookmark of our lives. Every milestone in your life can probably be noted by a particular song. Rhythm-based listening therapy can have profound effects on the brain, helping to activate and create new neural pathways, thus improving brain functioning. This can be especially useful in people struggling with depression, trauma, and anxiety. Music is one of those amazing things of our world that transcends time, cultures, religions, and age. It allows you to identify feelings, put words to those feelings, give a beat, tone, pitch, rhythm, or melody to allow your soul to transform an introspective emotion into sound. In its many different forms, music has the ability to pierce the soul, touch the heart, and open the mind to many aspects of life. This book will explore the genres of R&B, jazz, country western, classical, hip hop, rock, pop, trap, instrumental, and gospel to aid in identifying emotions, application of coping skills, and facilitate journaling your healing experience. Music gives the human existence a colorful guide of its highs, lows, and the beautiful experience of living life as only you can. Music is special. Music is powerful. Let it guide you on your wellness journey starting NOW....

About the Author

Jennifer A. Pope is the founder, CEO, and Chief Clinical Therapist of J. Pope & Associates, LLC, a private mental health group practice located in Towson, MD.

J. Pope & Associates, LLC provides mental health therapy with a wide range of clinical modalities specializing in advanced trauma therapy.

Jennifer attended Paul L. Dunbar Senior High School in Baltimore, MD where she developed her passion for mental health and in innate duty to help others. She then graduated from Morgan State University with her Bachelor of Science in Psychology in 2006. Continuing her desire to become a clinician in the mental health field, she attended the University of Maryland, Baltimore School of Social Work receiving her Masters of Social Work with a concentration in Mental Health in 2012. She has been a Licensed Certified Social Worker-Clinical and a BSWB approved clinical supervisor. She also holds a Certificate in Advanced Trauma Therapy for the Ferentz Institute. Before dedicating her full-time work to private practice counseling services at J, Pope & Associates, LLC, Jennifer served as an in both public and private social services agencies to improve the well being of children, adults, and families.

Jennifer is an active community advocate working with various community organizations. She passionately assist programs that serve children and young adults to strengthen the fight of lowering the stigma of mental health, homelessness, adequate education services for children, improving self-esteem in children, eliminating bullying, and various community give-back events through Baltimore City. Her love for music and the revelation of it’s healing properties inspired her the write this book in her efforts to help others improve and achieve their highest level of mental wellness. Her passion drives her to continue to serve the community in her professional efforts to lowering mental health stigma, provide clinical services to underserved communities, and encourage everyone to achieve their optimum level of wellness.

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October 4
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