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Music of the Birds V1 is the first volume in a series of artful multimedia celebrations of nature, each featuring twenty North American birds, including many favorite and well-known species. 

Each bird is portrayed with beautiful color photographs, stunning high definition videos, and superb sound recordings of both songs and calls. Natural history information is also included, along with range maps.

This ebook has been made specifically to take full advantage of the extraordinary multimedia capabilities of the exciting new electronic medium.

Science & Nature
May 21
NatureSound Studio
Alfred Lang Elliott

Customer Reviews

birdwells ,

Two of the Best Team Up For Another Great Book

I have purchased many products by Marie Read and Lang Elliot, some done together, some done individually or with other authors. These include Common Birds and Their Songs, Music of the Birds, Secret Lives of Birds The Songs of Insects, and others. I always look forward to their projects together because their talents complement each other so perfectly. Therefore I was not surprised to find that Music of the Birds V1 is as exceptional as their previous projects. This project, featuring 20 popular species— songbirds, game species, woodpeckers—has something for everyone. What I really like is that the authors included not only information about the birds as well as vocalizations (calls and songs) but also videos.
Some people may be intimidated by the e-book format. Don’t be. The multimedia enhancements are what make this book such a delight and separate it from so many guides out there. And it’s produced by two people who are among the best in their fields. Marie Read is a top photographer whose work makes regular appearances in magazines, calendars, cards, and elsewhere. Like Marie Read with her camera, Lang Elliot will do what it takes to get the sound recording he is after. The images and recordings are stunningly crisp and clear, and will delight any and all who purchase this book.
I look forward to Music of the Birds V2

Pwrege ,

A Real Treat

This book is nothing short of fantastic. Stunning visuals, a kaleidoscope of sounds that introduce the range of songs and calls of each of the twenty species, and really interesting bits of natural history thrown in.

My nephew isn't here right now, but this is going to be enthralling to kids and grand kids at any age, I'm sure of it! They can tap, they can listen, and the color can't be beat. It's a steal!

CNCiccone ,

Absolutely Stunning

I am rarely moved to write reviews of anything I purchase in terms of apps, books, etc - but this time, I cannot keep quiet. The quality of the photography, video, and sound recording in this ibook is outstanding. This is the ideal platform for this work, providing an interactive experience above and beyond what a tradition book can provide.

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