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Rowan Harper has traveled the American Extreme Bull Riders tour circuit with her stock-contractor father since she was four years old. She's seen the best rides and the worst wrecks. And then there's TJ who impressed her most when he didn't ride at all.

T.J. Casey walked away from his rightful place in last year's bull riding finals in order to bury his father. His sponsors are gone, but he's back to stake his claim. He wants the buckle, sure, but he also wants the woman who treats her bucking bulls like lambs. 

Can T.J. really score the championship and the girl? Or will he have to choose between the two..once and for all?

First Published as Casey

May 23
Tule Publishing
Tule Publishing Inc.

Customer Reviews

Jean Boehmke ,


This was a fun story.
Casey is a bull rider, but the rest of the tour is coming down on him for bailing before finals the year before. What they don't know is that it was because of his father's funeral.
Rowan breeds bulls with her father for the rodeo, but as a woman she doesn't really fit in quite right on the tour. But Casey certainly would like to get to know her better.
Casey and Rowan were wonderful together. They were such a good fit, and Casey really helped Rowan come out of her shell and start to find herself, instead of just being a shadow working under her father.
I really loved how Casey put family before riding, before everything. He really had his priorities straight.

SBart79 ,


Another great addition to the American Extreme Bull Riders Tour. I fell in love with Casey and Rowan. Casey is nearing the end of his career as a bull rider, and not looking for love. Rowan is in the business of raising the bulls. Her father is very protective of her. They try to keep their relationship a secret, but soon things change.

A great read of family relationships and loyalty. Loved the relationship of Casey and Rowan. Looking forward to next book in the series. They are all stand alone books.

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