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You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice.
The simple life is what I had until a man I chose to stay away from, directly hits it.
A businessman.
Leader of The Savage Shadows.
Slate Saxe is a gorgeous jerk.
A bossy ass and a powerful bastard.
Pulling me into his world is tough.
Sleeping next to him is tougher.
Tough times don't last but tough people do.
His cocky self may not like my attitude but I don't give a crap.
A lesson he will learn.


She is determined.
Hard and rigid.
A custom mechanic.
The best illegal street racer I've ever seen.
Emerald Sawyer is a woman who runs her own race.
When I'm short a crew member, she's my first choice.
And being the bastard that I am, I always get what I want.
She detests me and what I do.
Bad f***ing luck. 
My decision made, she's the one. Her sweet ass had better get used to it.

September 24
Ellie jean
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Kbadja ,

Emerald &Slate

4 1/2 stars WOW Slate omg he is one seriously ALPHA male. Would love to have him for myself. Emerald is one lucky lucky girl and to think he chose her. WOW! My Bastard is a book that will draw you in from the very 1st page and keep you there til the very end. I just can't tell you enough Ms. Jean did an awesome job with her characters in this book. Can't wait to see what else she will have in store for us down the road.

CeeJay Daisy ,


First, let me say, I have loved Ellie Jean’s writing since the first time I read SWEET DECEPTION, and her 2nd book of the SWEET duet, SWEET REDEMPTION was just as good (if not better)...I have been and will forever be one of her biggest fans and she will forever be one of my favorite authors....❤️🌼🔥
Ellie Jean’s ideas and subjects about which she writes, are not all in one theme or pattern...If you have read her SWEET duet, don’t assume you know her writing....Although, I loved that duet, she, obviously, has much more in her repertoire....Ellie Jean has proven with MY BASTARD, (and, btw, that is the perfect title for this book)that she is a true author with the talent to capture and keep our attentions with more than one kind of series, and, I can, honestly, say, her writing improves with every book....❤️🌼🔥
I do not leave spoilers in my reviews, but since the hot book cover gives us a hint, I’m going to say this much, if you are a fan(atic) of MC books, you will, absolutely, love MY BASTARD (and there isn’t a bike to be found)....❤️🌼🔥
The Savage Shadows, whose leader is Slate Saxe, are ALL ALPHA MEN (my favorite kind), and they are raw, strong, flawed and 🔥HOT🔥!!!!! They are definitely men about whom I want to read more.... and, just from reading MY BASTARD, I am going to assume the women in this series are going to be strong, independent women, like Emerald Sawyer, who can hold their own with these dominant men....At least in MY BASTARD, there are no whiny, pushovers, who need to be saved!!!❤️🌼🔥
Although MY BASTARD, in my mind, will be called Slate’s and Emerald’s (I love those names) book, the other characters introduced have books I am more than waiting, excitedly, to read.....and I am ready to continue Slate’s and Emerald’s story even if peripherally in the upcoming books about the other characters....These are really interesting characters, with whom I have already fallen in love.....and I can’t wait to read book 2....❤️🌼🔥
Congratulations, Ellie Jean, for the beginning of a new exciting series and the creations of Slate Saxe and Emerald Sawyer (I really love those names)...❤️🌼🔥

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