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Mark is in need of a nanny. After the death of his mom, his daughter needs someone to watch her while he travels for work. In steps Olivia, a sweet girl from the south who has also just lost her mom. Right off the bat they have chemistry, but not the right kind. Will their volatile relationship turn to something more? And can the nanny let go off her fear of being a cliché?  

When hearts get involved, neither of them will be able to help themselves.

December 16
Alexa Davis
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Insgoddess ,

Pretty good

Light reading with a little bit different storyline than the norm. I did find the male character’s language a bit feminine in some spots but overall enjoyed the read.

JackieMichele ,

What's his name again?

It's a sad state of affairs when you can remember the guys name you are having sex with...but the author? It went from Mark, to Ned and back to Mark within three sentences. Couple that with the lead female randomly falling into the sack with a guy when there is absolutely no lead up and you have a piss poor excuse of a book like this.

straighttalker198 ,


This little 7 year old is the worst little girl imaginable! Her attitude is unacceptable and the dad just accepts that! Mark literally just uses her, while thinking negative thoughts of Olivia. Olivia could’ve used a bit more character development. Also the beau that Olivia liked never had a conclusion, just vanished from the story. Holden disappeared from the story randomly. There was a lot of moving pieces in the book then randomly disappearing. Mark was is a terrible father! Mark literally relies on olivia to tell him how to be a father to his 7 year old daughter.

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