My Brother's Friend, the Dom

My Brother's Friend, the Dom Series

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I started out with good intentions, I swear.

I promised my best friend I'd protect his sister from a dark secret.

Then I see her--all grown up, gorgeous, and completely off-limits.

I try to stay away... until I find out just how bad she's been.

Screw protection. What she really needs is punishment.

Peter gave me one task before he went away: protect his little sister from a deep, dark secret.

I said yes, naturally. I'd keep an eye on her. Anything for my best friend.

It's been five years since I last saw Sarah. She's a woman now, with ripe curves and a graceful elegance. The sight of her makes me wish for a repeat of our one-night-stand, when I took her in my tattoo parlor and made her scream out my name in ecstasy.

I try to keep my dirty hands off her. But when she posts on a kinky website, looking for a dominant master, I can't just sit on my hands. She's putting herself in danger. I have to step in.

So I send her a message--anonymously, of course. I tell her I'm the Dom she's been looking for. I tell her I'm going to inflict exquisite pain on her body and give her unimaginable pleasure. I know exactly what to say... because those same dark urges have been haunting me, too.

I'm not really going to do any of those depraved things to Sarah, though. She deserves better. I just want to show her she's playing a dangerous game and convince her to live with me, at least temporarily. For her own safety.

But who am I kidding? That's bullsh*t. I just want her all to myself. The sweet submission in her eyes calls out to the darkness within me. And it's only a matter of time until I cave.

This is the first book in the My Brother's Friend, the Dom Series by Nikki Chase.

July 23
Wild Hearts Romance
Chase Leavitt

Customer Reviews

C Highers ,

Always wanting more

First books never really answer any questions or get to the good stuff. A sad story of two sad people, but being together would probably help. Of course, neither want to be….typical.

Raecsquare ,

Good Read

So far so good - can’t wait to read the whole series!

G000girl ,

My Brother s Friend, the Dom by Nikki Chase

Sarah is home to settle the affairs of hr brother. And to keep her fathers legacy, the vet clinic open. Luca, her brother`s only friend, at 31 he looks better than he did when she saw him for her 18th birthday tattoo. The sex after the tattoo was off the charts. Luca promised her deceased brother that he would watch out for her. Sarah left town to get over him with a series of online hookups.

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