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My Cone and Only

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Publisher Description

Lines are crossed and promises broken when a forbidden kiss ignites an irresistible attraction in this sizzling brother’s best friend romance…


“Promise me you’ll always look out for Andie.”


By the time I was seventeen, I knew my best friend’s younger sister was the only girl I’d ever love. 


We’re all grown up now, but my feelings for Andie haven’t changed. She’s the smartest woman I know and the only one who sees through the carefree act I hide behind. She deserves better than a screw-up like me—failed musician, part-time handyman, and full-time black sheep of my family. 


I’ll do anything to protect her, so I keep my distance and my hands to myself.


When the tumble-down house she inherited needs repairs, I jump on my white horse and swoop in to help her with the renovations. Even though it means spending dangerous amounts of time together. 


I’ve got it under control until the night a surprise kiss changes everything between us. 


One scorching-hot taste of her is all it takes to shatter my defenses. Now that I know how much she wants me, I’m addicted to our secret glances and stolen touches. 


Around our friends and family, we pretend we’re still just friends. 


But when we’re alone? We can’t keep our hands off each other.


This game we’re playing is bound to blow up in our faces, just like everything else I touch. If I can’t prove I’m worthy of Andie’s love, I’m going to lose my two best friends in the world.


MY CONE AND ONLY is a swoony, feel-good friends to lovers romance featuring a STEM heroine who takes no crap, a surprisingly loyal bad-boy rocker who’s head over heels for the one woman he thinks he can’t have, lots of small-town shenanigans, and an epic grovel. 


It stands alone with a guaranteed HEA and kicks off the six-book KING FAMILY series. Your heart will melt for this band of unruly siblings behind a Texas ice cream empire as they stumble on the rocky road to love while dealing with their big, messy family. 

July 20
Haver Street Press
Susannah Nix

Customer Reviews

Zamboni_tlm ,

Years of hidden love

Andi is the ultimate girl next door. She’s the best friend’s little sister who just kinda fit in. She’s the one that Wyatt swore he would protect at all costs and never hurt. She’s the one he swore to her brother, Josh, that he would never make a move on. But deep down, she was the only one he wanted to keep forever.

Wyatt was the brother’s best friend who treated Andi like she was precious & always protected her. He was the best dance partner and the only one she trusted fully to protect her for those advanced dance moves. He was the off-limits town bad boy that all the other girls wanted desperately. But so did Andi, she just couldn’t let anyone know.

When Andi needed a little extra help with some odd jobs to get her HOA off her back, she turned to Wyatt. As these two spent more time together, their electric energy as friends ignited into more. They could no longer hide their true feelings for each other, & when they gave in…these two were explosive. Andi was very obviously the girl Wyatt had always held out for. But…could he convince her brother that he could change for her? That he could be the man Andi always needed to love her & protect her?

I loved them chemistry between the characters & the overall energy of this book.

Audio review:
Chris Brinkley & Amanda Stribling did an awesome job with narration. The southern charm oozed out of both of them & was done well. I loved the southern words & phrases used throughout this book.

debimodorojo ,



susieoyam ,

This was a really good read.

This was a story about longing and unrequited love. Both characters have been friends for years. Both having no idea how to get past the friend stage and then there is the big brother best friend thing and it goes on. The story is all there. Just read it you won’t be disappointed.

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