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“Lush, beautifully written, and deeply romantic, My Darling Duke will sweep you off your feet. My heart was lost to this couple from the very start.” —Amalie Howard, author of The Beast of Beswick

Miss Katherine Danvers has always been a wallflower. But now, with her family on the brink of financial ruin, she finds herself a desperate wallflower. To save her family, she’ll do anything. Luckily, she has the perfect plan...

She’ll impress the ton by simply announcing she is engaged to the reclusive and mysterious Duke of Thornton, Alexander Masters, and secure strong matches for her sisters. No one has heard from the duke in years. Surely he’ll never find out before her sisters’ weddings, and she can go back to her own quiet life.

Soon, though, everything is out of control. At first, it’s just a few new ball gowns on the duke’s accounts. Then, it’s interviews with reporters eager for gossip. Before she knows it, Katherine has transformed herself into Kitty Danvers, charming and clever belle of the ton—with everyone eager to meet her thankfully absent fiancé.

But when the enigmatic Alexander Masters suddenly arrives in the city, dashing and oh so angry, he demands retribution. Except not in the way Katherine expected…

Each book in the Sinful Wallflowers series is STANDALONE:
* My Darling Duke
* Her Wicked Marquess
* A Scoundrel of Her Own

December 31
Entangled Publishing, LLC

Customer Reviews

777sails ,

My Darling Duke

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley and I am voluntarily reviewing it.

This was an updated version of Beauty and the Beast. The Beast is the Duke of Thornton, Alexander Masters. Ten years prior, a twenty year old Alexander saved himself and his seven year old sister from a fire that raged in their home in Scotland that killed their parents. He sustained life-threatening injuries. He hasn't been seen in London for seven years, preferring to remain in Scotland away from the ton. Miss Katherine Danvers, but goes by Kitty, is the Beauty. She is a wallflower. Kitty along with her closest friends, who are also wallflowers, decide to do something wickedly fun. She concocts a tale to weave that she is engaged to the Duke to help promote her younger sister(s) to make better matches as they are near-penniless since their father a Viscount has passed away several years ago.

The tale is a charming one. It is full of wit and angst. I felt for both characters. I was extremely glad to see the story written in a dual POV format. Getting into Alexander's thoughts and see the fear and pain that he suffers really helped me to understand some of his actions much better.

For the most part, this is a clean read but there are a few parts that near the end that should really only be read be someone over the age of 18.

Nessland10 ,

A lovely story of love, patience, and acceptance

The way the author paced the relationship between Kitty and Alexander made it impossible to put it down because you’re always wondering what’s coming next. The banter between them is fun to read; Kitty’s patience and loyalty toward Alexander and his acceptance of her unique spirit makes it impossible not to fall in love with their story. A unique book which is why I’m not sure why some reviewers are calling it an updated Beauty and the Beast story. Looking forward to reading more of this author who makes sure to character develop, pacing is great, and you’re getting a full meal instead of a skeleton of a story.

Jnelle87 ,

Darling book

Definitely a book unlike any other. Full of mystery, intrigue, comedy, laughter and romance. Never read a story like this one.

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