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From USA Today bestselling author T. Sue VerSteeg...

Most women have them: those two very distinct, very different voices in their mind. One can usually be chalked up to common sense, the other to mischief, mayhem or just plain morbid curiosity. Both are always there, though, ready with their two cents worth.

Jemma Keith is no exception to the rule. She doesn't have a problem agreeing to photograph her cheating ex-boyfriend's wedding. The dilemma, however, is what to do once she gets there. Common sense feels like taking the high road; she can handle being the better person. Mischief wants to slither in, crashing the whole affair down around his worthless ankles.

What's a woman to do when she can't make up her mind?

At least both sides are in complete harmony about the bride's cousin, Anthony Giovanni: he's hot, handsome, and oh, so tempting.

Join Jemma as she weaves through a web of lust, temptation, revenge, and maybe even love.

June 2
Gemma Halliday Publishing
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

karoleni ,

Nerves at first sight? Like at first sight? Love at first sight?

My Ex Boyfriend’s Wedding is a super cute story and another that I read in one or two sittings despite the length. Jemma followed her photography dream and landed a gig shooting her ex boyfriend’s wedding. The usual ex-to-ex arguments, lots of family love, a charming man and a pretty big misunderstanding kept me engrossed from beginning to end. At one point, I’m pretty sure I woke one of the cats up yelling at a couple of the characters.

Just noticed there is a paperback copy available. Will definitely be buying!!

Thank you T. Sue Versteeg and Halliday Publishing for the opportunity to read such a wonderful story! Might there be a part two?

ARC provided in exchange for honest review.

Smbach71 ,

Fun beach read

This was a laugh out loud read! I read it in one sitting. I loved the interaction between the main character Jemma and her parents and brother! The relationship between her and Anthony was hot! Overall this was a very fun and enjoyable read! I would definitely buy from this author again!

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