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Do you love your feet? Do they love you back? Are you proud to show them off on the beach, in open shoes, and in the bedroom? Do they sometimes hurt? Does foot pain limit your tennis game or your golf swing? Are wearing stilettos just a painful memory? If your answer to any of these questions is yes, then read this book and let Dr. Suzanne Levine lead you on a path to beautiful pain free feet. Dr. Levine is the foot doctor to the stars. She has performed more than 15,000-foot surgeries and has legions of grateful patients around the world again wearing the latest and chicest Prada and Michael Kors shoes and other patients again running marathons and hitting that frustrating golf ball a little further and a little straighter. In this book you can bring Dr. Levine’s advice home and soon walk through life beautifully on pain free feet. This book is a comprehensive guide to foot care. It includes real life stories from the every woman to celebrities. How your feet can affect your body and your life. Home remedies for foot problems and the latest your doctor has to offer. Learn what you should do for blisters, warts, shin splints, stress fractures, and even skin cancer. Learn how pregnancy affects your feet. How to choose the proper foot wear that looks and feels great—the first time you wear them. How your aching feet can affect your knees, your hips, your back, and even your whole body. Why diet is so important to foot health. Top trainers will show you exercises that can strengthen your feet, your core, and even extend your life. Your feet are your foundation, they can move you forward or can hold you back—take care of your feet, pamper them—you will be glad you did. This book is for anybody who walks, stands, or runs and anyone who has a twinge of pain in his or her feet. This book is for you.

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March 1
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