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“On turning eighteen and after surveying the nonexistent landscape of my sexual history, I decided it was time to lose my virginity. Unfortunately, I didn’t have anyone to lose my virginity with because in addition to being a late bloomer sexually, I was a late bloomer emotionally and socially. In other words, there weren’t a lot of girls in my life. And by a lot I mean any. So, I turned to my only recourse: the world’s oldest profession.”

Welcome to the hilarious, sexy, wild, and captivating world of Hedley Turk. In My First Car Was a Motorcycle, My First Girl Was a Woman, Turk creates a new
genre—Memoir on Steroids—with his outrageously hilarious, charmingly
poignant, and always candid style of nonfiction storytelling.

Hedley Turk loses his virginity to a proffesional; he rides his motorcycle through a crowded New York City department store; Brad Pitt steals his girlfriend; he finds himself homeless, living in a car with his dog, surviving on bagels; and a mishap with his girlfriend prompts a 911 operator to ask, “You have your what stuck where?” And there's much more!

A classic page-turner, My First Car Was a Motorcycle, My First Girl Was a Woman is laugh-out-loud funny and difficult to put down, showcasing Turk’s
unmistakable voice as one of the freshest and funniest in American writing.

About the Author

Hedley Turk is a compelling and dynamic author as well as a computer expert, health consultant, public speaker, comedian and filmmaker who keeps both brain hemispheres working at near-full capacity, thanks to his meticulous maintenance schedule of frequent oil changes and tire rotations.

Born in Brooklyn, New York, and raised in Queens, Turk has led a unique and adventurous life, which is reflected in the subject matter of his work. In his insightful book, Why Intelligent People Are Overweight, he shares his experience overcoming a food addiction and how, during that process, he discovered a groundbreaking approach to stopping this behavior. Since its publication, this book has helped countless people understand why they eat poorly and how to break that cycle. In a genre inundated with “quick fixes” such as fad diets and supplements, Why Intelligent People Are Overweight stands apart by providing a real solution to a real problem.

Turk’s second book, My First Car Was a Motorcycle, My First Girl Was a Woman, delivers the fun by plunging us into his sexy, wild, and captivating world. Laugh-out-loud funny and difficult to put down—including such tales as how he lost his virginity, how Brad Pitt stole his girlfriend, and how he survived being homeless while living in a car with his dog—My First Car Was a Motorcycle, My First Girl Was a Woman showcases Turk’s inimitable voice as one of the freshest and funniest in American writing today.

Turk earned his bachelor of science degree from the State University of New York at Albany and is an ardent advocate for animal and human rights and the environment. A devoted vegetarian, he promotes the idea that animal-based protein is not required to maintain muscle mass or an athletic lifestyle. When not working on his next book, he plays basketball like a twenty-year-old hoping for an NBA contract.

You can find more details than anyone could ever want to know at www.HedleyTurk.com.

June 4
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Global Book Group

Customer Reviews

JRockwood ,

Wrap Your Ribs!

The worst part about this book is waiting for the follow-up!

I'm not sure who to thank first, Hedley Turk for his unbridled enthusiasm and hilarious honesty in writing this book or his parents for their DNA and union in creating him! Dollars to doughnuts you'll be quicker to find me immersed in an artistic endeavor than sitting still and reading; I've got to find a book addictive and compelling to tear me away from diving head-first in a new creative project.

Turk stole my art incentive! His personal narratives are so downright gut-busting, I'm considering a side job selling his work just to spread the laughs and love. My soft-sell sales pitch: Just read a chapter in public! I was laughing so hard on the subway that people actually approached me to ask the title - said it looked like I was having the time of my life! And I was!

What makes Turk so treasurable as a writer are his dynamic emotions: One moment he's describing the most colorful details of an explicit female "sexcapade" and in the next he's bearing his heartfelt sentiments connected to his dog (his soulmate) and humanity at large. I suggest buying this book without hesitation and finding out how quickly you, too, will become a gratified fan - enthusiastically spreading the laughs and love! Enough said! You're welcome!

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