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Five years after My Grape Escape, Laura and Franck are back in Burgundy to tackle their newest project, a derelict 16th-century winemaker’s cottage located behind Franck’s family home. 

Navigating the different rules for raising children and managing a family in a small French village prove every bit as challenging for Laura as learning to drive a stick shift through narrow streets or arguing with tyrannical French officials over paint colors (spoiler alert: any color as long as it’s gray). Come along on this evocative and honest journey where love, coupled with good French food and local wine, pave the way to la belle vie.


"Bradbury’s Grape Series feels like a series of honest and funny letters sent from a friend about her fascinating (and sometimes baffling) life in France. A beautiful read.”

—JANICE MACLEOD, New York Times bestselling author of Paris Letters and A Paris Year

“Bradbury’s Grape Series takes the reader on a romantic adventure into the heart, soul, and people of la belle France. Filled with delicious food, love, and laughter, Bradbury’s writing proves that you have to dare to follow your heart wherever it leads you...and that sometimes we have to step outside our comfort zone to truly live.”

—SAMANTHA VÉRANT, author of How to Make a French Family and Seven Letters from Paris

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October 3
Grape Books
Laura Bradbury

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photobyjb ,

my grape village

Life changing events can sneak up on you. This book describes one such period in Laura Bradbury’s life. This time she and Franck returned to Burgundy to live with two young daughters in tow. The frustrations of renovating another cottage, learning to drive a stick shift, along with loneliness were difficult. Read about how Laura and her family lived through this time when Laura made new friends and she and her daughters embraced Burgundian ways. Read the entire series beginning with my grape year to learn to appreciate this wonderful woman and her transformation from a naive school girl to a well grounded adult.

Kcienec ,

Wanderlust Evoking Series

I love this entire series, but My Grape Village is my favorite. Whether Laura was writing about blue shutters, driving a manual, or a too-sweet birthday cake, it all felt delightfully relatable while also evoking a serious sense of wanderlust. I recommend the entire series for anyone who wants to spend some time daydreaming about life in Burgundy.

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