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Patricia was in love with two different men. These men couldn’t have been more different. One was a businessman, and the other one was a war hero. One was an okay lover, and the other one was an incredible lover. One was alive and vibrant, and the other one was, well, the other one was dead and had been for a hundred and fifty years. Conventional wisdom would tell us that this just isn’t possible. However, it is possible. It’s complicated, it’s rare, but it happens more often than you might think. I mean, hello, if you were having sex with a ghost, would you admit it?
It began when Patricia and her husband, Ben, moved into a Civil War era house that came with a little something extra, a houseguest. Her husband had attentive during the initial part of their marriage. However, he began to feel the pressures of running the family business and was no longer taking care of her needs. Their encounters became so infrequent that she was worried he might be having an affair, and having sex once every two months just wasn’t cutting it. She would never cheat on him under normal circumstances, but it happened slowly over a period of time. An entity in the house made its presence known to her by slowly seducing her while she slept. Assuming that she was dreaming, she didn’t think too much about it, at first, because she was venerable and desperately needed attention. She wondered if there might be something more to these nightly encounters than just a sexy, vivid dream.
The dreams seemed so real, and the orgasms so palpable that she had to find out if she was losing her mind, or if there might be some kind of neurological problem that could account for them.
The following morning, I woke up around seven-thirty, and Ben had already left. I went downstairs, made a pot of coffee, and searched the internet to see if I could find anything that was similar to what had been happening to me.
I spent about an hour searching, and from a medical point of view, I couldn’t find anything that was even remotely close to what I was experiencing. I was about to give up when I decided to ask a more general question. I asked about having sexual dreams or experiencing spontaneous orgasms. When I pressed enter, I was surprised to find dozens of references where people claim to have had sex with ghosts or spirits.
At first, I thought that the idea of having sex with a ghost was absurd if not downright humorous. But then I began to think about how old this house was and the fact that I had no idea what might have happened here a hundred years ago. Then, I thought back about the fact that the house had turned over three times in the last five years, and I began to wonder.
I have always believed in spirits and guardian angels. I chuckled at the thought that my guardian angel was giving me the sex that I needed because my husband was slacking terribly.
“That’s what they were supposed to do, isn’t it?” I laughed aloud. “Aren’t they supposed to take care of the person they’re guarding?” I grinned still thinking about the absurdity of it.
Then I got a little scared because I began to wonder if there really could be a ghost here in the house with us. I shivered and broke out in goosebumps as I wondered if he might try to hurt me in some way? Would he ever try to rape me simply for his own pleasure? What would happen if I tried to refuse him?
I took a deep, calming breath and sighed. I recall thinking that the whole situation was getting silly because the thought of actually having sex with a ghost seemed absurd even though there were dozens of references to it on the internet. People have claimed that it actually happens; however, if it does happen, it must be extremely rare.
Apparently, most people are afraid to talk about it. I mean, who would want to admit that they’ve been having sex with a ghost. Everyone would probably think that they were insane. Who knows, maybe they were they insane? On the same token, perhaps, I was insane?

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May 3
Christopher Maddox
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