My Heart Has No Home My Heart Has No Home

My Heart Has No Home

A Journal of Grief and Healing

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Publisher Description

"I sat with Amy as she struggled to breathe.

I sat with her as she took her last breath.

I sat with her as her heart beat its last.

I sat with her as the nurses cleaned her and put her in a bag.

I sat with her until the transport guys took her away.

I am more afraid of NOT grieving than I am of grief."

With these words and the feeling that "we don't talk about death enough," author John R. Worsley began posting on Facebook about suddenly losing his wife at age 50. As days passed, he shared specific ways grief was hitting him in the moment — and what he missed about her, what he was learning, how he was healing — and, of course, he shared his passionate love for the woman he lost. This book presents those Facebook posts, along with reflections and commentary.

My Heart Has No Home provides a compelling moment-by-moment account: a poignant portrait of loss and the grieving process that anyone can relate to. With a unique and strong voice, John R. Worsley is unstinting in his deep emotional reflections, and achingly honest about his life struggles with his new identity as a widower.

Definitely worth a read, this work displays modern masculinity at its best, offering a shining example of friendship and connection, community and mutual support. Inspiring, vulnerable, truthful, sad, and joyful — don’t miss it.

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    April 27
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