My Heart's Desire My Heart's Desire

My Heart's Desire

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Some high school romances just won’t fade.

A high-ranking yakuza, Yuuki enjoys his relatively quiet job. If only his mother would stop asking for grandchildren. Unwilling to come out, he contemplates a sham marriage just to shut her up. After all, it’s not as if he’ll ever be lucky in love again.

Black-listed after his divorce, the only reason luxury suit designer Kazuki is still in business is his yakuza clientele. Desperate to find new clients, he starts looking for a collaborator for the upcoming fashion show. But who’s daring enough to partner up with him?

When Kazuki’s high school sweetheart walks into his shop, all those worries disappear. Although Yuuki has far from forgiven Kazuki for his past betrayal, Kazuki wants nothing more than to rekindle their love. But then he learns Yuuki is in the yakuza…

Can these two mend their love, or are they now too different to thread their lives together?

Buy My Heart's Desire to find out if they were always meant to be!

April 6
Macarons & Tea Publishing
Stephanie Bazzell

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Yuuki is thirty-five and his Mother is celebrating his birthday. She would like to celebrate more for Yuuki, like a wife and grandchildren. But Yuuki has different plans. He’s gay, closeted and a family situation is not conducive with the job that he has. But he doesn’t want to disappoint his mother who has cancer. Yuuki’s Aunt Miko is head of the Kyoto syndicate and has five years left to serve in the Hokkaido Prison. Yuuki took a position as secretary and bodyguard to Jun and he became a yakuza. Even so, he feels useless and is constantly being called upon by Jun, as if no one else could handle some of the menial issues.

Yuuki has always faced that being yakuza turned people away. Many are frightened or can’t deal with the life of a yakuza and it just doesn’t work with a relationship.

Father Murata, is the newest interim, Kyoto mafia don, until Miko is out of prison. Murata has been placing lot’s of pressure on Jun, even with the clothes to be worn. Jun will have to change his style of suites, as no other fabric will be allowed except for Japanese. Yuuki and Jun will have to make a trip to Okamoto Bespoke Suits where Murata shops. Yuuki doesn’t really want to go to Okamoto’s, seeing Kazuki will bring back the bad memories and feelings from the past once again. Yuuki can only defend himself by being rude to Kazuki and fight the feelings he still has for him.

Kazuki and Yuuki still struggle with the heartbreak from long ago. They both thought they would have a long time relationship, but parents, tradition and Kazuki’s bad timing lingers even now. Kazuki deals with rumors, his ex-wife and the yakuza clientele that come to his shop. He has big dreams to show his creations in a big fashion show.

When Yuuki and Kazuki meet again, old feeling will stir. Will they ever be able to regain what they once had or will all their issues and the yakuza prevent them from even being friends or more?

Amy Tasukada creates a love/hate, romance from Yuuki and Kazuki. Their story takes place after the second book “Better Than Suicide” in “The Yakuza Path” series. The “Yakuza Path Romance” brings out the tender and loving side of Yuuki, who became a yakuza, because he thought that was the only path for him. He’s reminded by his Aunt Miko to rethink his life. It tells of the issues that broke Kazuki and Yuuki apart in their younger days and the different paths that their lives took and what path will bring them back together. Yuuki will also learn that his Mother and Aunt know more than what he thinks.

I thoroughly enjoyed “My Heart’s Desire” from “A Yakuza Path Romance.” It’s always nice to revisit the characters that were brought to life by Amy Tasukada, with “The Yakuza Path” series. The romances always show a different side to the characters and many of the stories are bittersweet if you’ve read “The Yakuza Path” series. As we learned it’s not easy being a yakuza!

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