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Like Courtney, Katie believes she's living a fairytale life that was tailor-made just for her, starting with the picture-perfect dentist she married. However, the handsome, successful doctor is nothing more than a calculated, clever fraud that said "I do" one too many times. Matching canary yellow diamond rings, the same Range Rover, and two expensive brick homes purchased in the same neighborhood were all part of the doctor's double life.

Dr. Reynolds sold Katie and Courtney a dream that didn't belong to either of them—a dream he'll confiscate without warning in an ending not even the wives could see coming…

Fiction & Literature
July 4
Kcin Publishing Group
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

hhhyyyiiirrr ,

My Husband‘s Wife

This book was absolutely and incredible read. I honestly read in one day I promise you will not be disappointed. Oh yeah there’s an unexpected twist,Love it .

Jsisisunw ,

Has potential

The book was okay it has potential but it’s kind of jumbled all around. I got confused when he took his wife to the bar and then told his other “wife” he had someone he wanted her to meet I was thinking it was going to be his first wife but it wasnt but he used their names for the people he introduced them to. Also they bounce back from calling his second wife “her” and “him” so I’m confused wether the other wife dressed as a male or female. It could have been better honestly how did the sisters hire a P.I. That only found out he had a mental illness but not another marriage around the corner? Just a confusing book really. But would do for something quick to just read. The ending was also disappointing it could have been better.

shorice ,


This book was so captivating. I read it in one day. I couldn’t put it down. Great job 🥰

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