Finding Your Place in a Fast Changing World

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Nonfiction business/career studies, sociology of work, real-life vignettes of young people at work along with how-tos for job hunting and career building.


--provides hope and help to young adults launching careers during a pandemic and recession,

--defines the unique qualities of Generation Z based on field research and our survey,

--profiles ""ordinary"" and famous Gen Zers striving toward and succeeding in their dream jobs, and

--offers resources on how to identify your skills, apply for internships and jobs, negotiate terms and salary, work remotely, and forge ahead with your dream job in a fast-changing world.

MY JOB Gen Z, written by and for Generation Z (born in and after 1995), combines research into the unique experiences and qualities of this rising generation with the results of our own global survey.

We compare what the ""data"" say about Gen Z with who YOU say you are, including an array of real-life profiles of ordinary Gen Zers--how they feel about work, what they want most from their careers, and the challenges they encounter along the way.

We spotlight famous Gen Zers who've already had impact on society, built companies, and made millions--and reveal what drives them to succeed.

Then we guide you through best practices for creating your own resume and professional profile, applying for internships and jobs, conducting online and in-person interviews, discerning your valuable skillset and pursuing your own dream job.

The real-life examples and pragmatic advice offered in MY JOB Gen Z will convince you that you are not alone, in an often-challenging and isolating world. It will leave you inspired by your peers doing amazing things and motivated to pursue your own dream job.

About the Author

Suzanne Skees curates and produces the MY JOB book series--about diverse jobs around the world--with all author royalties donated to create dignified jobs for the ultra poor. She also works in international development with the Skees Family Foundation, whose mission is to achieve global equality and prosperity through entrepreneurial/vocational training and jobs. Skees studied English literature at Boston College and world religions at Harvard Divinity School. She travels from schools to slums, prisons to farms, serving as a storyteller for nonprofit workers, social entrepreneurs, and their courageous clients, who toil every day to create equality and end poverty. She lives on California's Central Coast.

Sanam Yusuf, a proud member of Gen Z, is in her second year at Occidental College in Los Angeles, focusing on religious studies and diplomacy/world affairs. She had a transformational experience with Seeds of Peace International Camp, where she was trained in dialogue and conflict resolution. She also spent five years as a delegate with Model United Nations (MUN). Through these experiences, she’s been able to truly see the power of narratives and storytelling . . . which is why she’s so excited about this book!

Business & Personal Finance
April 16
Skees Family Foundation
Gatekeeper Press

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