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This is the second book of a series covering everyday people suffering through the fall of America and the rise of freedom and liberty.
In the first book the economy has collapsed, lawlessness reigns, and the federal government has become nothing short of tyrannical. Western states have moved to leave the Union and a mentally unstable President is threatening violence against them. People are in a panic, families are being ripped apart, and people are disappearing. The good Peace Officers are all but gone, kicked out of their law enforcement agencies or they have simply disappeared. The future of America is bleak and getting worse.

Tim, his wife, and a small group of friends have left their homes and sought shelter in the Desert Southwest. Their small band of survivalists, along with the friendly rancher that has taken them in, are safe for now. But the world around them is falling apart, their safety won’t last long.
Events won’t let them rest for long. There are other people that need help, other souls in distress, and danger is just outside their little community. As the country slips closer to civil war, there are urgent issues to deal with nearer to their new home. They must act or people will die and young children will have their lives destroyed forever.

All the while, Tim continues to have strange dreams that he doesn’t understand. Until one day a man of God is rescued by the group and he helps Tim to appreciate who he is.

And not all of the danger lurks outside the wire. There is one among them that is betraying them, one who has dual allegiances.
Much of this book sounds as if it could be written from today’s newspapers…because it was. My Journal is written in diary form by the man who lived it.

Fiction & Literature
June 6
A.H. Trimble
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