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My Journey into Knowing Myself and Becoming Free is my life's journey to self-knowledge and freedom. In these pages, you shall know how I became free, and how you can do the same. Knowing one's self is a journey for all souls. Unfortunately, because of how the modern system is structured, only a few people these days give any thought about looking within and knowing who they are. Sadly, many of us are still misdirected by the corrupt system that people are losing their humanity. No wonder so many people are stressed out and depressed these days. If you ever feel like you are stuck in this rut of the system, and if you want to know who you are and experience true freedom, then this chapbook is for you. It shares a part of my life, which is a life shared with everyone else, making this story not just my own, but for everyone -- for you, my dear reader. May you learn from my story what you need to fight the Good Fight and emerge victorious.

My Journey into Knowing Myself and Becoming Free reveals the evils of the modern system and reveals what you can do to fight it or at least be able to minimize its effects on you. Unfortunately, most people are unaware of this system while it is continuously eating away their soul. This chapbook is not just a handbook, but an invitation, so that you may also journey into yourself and know who you really are, because only then can true freedom be possible. 

For years, I felt controlled, manipulated. Worse, it did not just come from some far-away influence, but directly from the people around me, the very same people who love me. Yes, even those who love you so much can end up controlling you, depriving you of freedom and liberty. Many times, they do not realize that they are doing something very wrong. This is why you have to be courageous and stand up for yourself and fight for your happiness and freedom. This is what I did, and it was not easy for me, but it was worth it. Every battle fought turned into a blessing and a lesson that bloomed into personal happiness.

I hope this chapbook leads you to the true path of self-realization and show you the way to your dream. I shall now share with you my humble story. Be with me for a while, dear reader,  for I shall lift the curtain that hides the evils of the modern system, and I show you the path to your soul, to freedom, and a meaningful life -- for such is the life that you deserve.

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September 22
Alexandia Sirivus
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