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Life never goes as planned. Jaime Summer learned that lesson the hard way when her fiancé wreaked havoc on her carefully constructed life plan. Now, Jaime’s back in her hometown, working at her sister’s flower shop and living with her family once again, swearing off dating and men for the rest of her life. That is, until Ryan Elson walks through the door.

Ryan has been in Jupiter Bay for a year now, and has worked hard to make this new town his home. His construction business is growing and while his personal relationships with the fairer sex are lacking, he’s more content than he’s ever been. He doesn’t need a woman, but a chance meeting with Jaime has Ryan ready to pull out all the stops to have her.

Exhilarating. Intoxicating. Consuming. Ravenous. Passionate. What happens when those kisses lead towards something more? Something that looks a lot like forever.

*This book is intended for those 18 and over due to graphic language, descriptive sex, and the world’s most inappropriate grandparents.

October 24
Lacey Black Books
Darcey Smith

Customer Reviews

Mag68 ,

My kinda kisses

By Lexie black

Omg what a great story had a hard time putting it down!


BriB683 ,

Something different

First of all, One Republic is a good band! Lol

I really enjoyed this book, mostly because it wasn’t like most of the other romance novels and movies out there. It’s usually *boy meets girl, they start dating, fall in love, get into a fight that breaks them up, then get back together in the end. And sometimes it involves one partner thinking that the other cheated.* If that’s not the storyline, it’s usually about a bad boy who doesn’t usually do relationships falling for a good girl. They break up because the boy does something stupid, and then the girl forgives him and they live happily ever after.

That’s not this book. Here, the guy is waiting for the girl. There also isn’t any unnecessary cheating drama! Instead, there’s a close-knit family, kinky grandparents, and a sickeningly adorable couple. It was so cute that Ryan immediately knew that Jaime was the one for him. My dad told my mom that he’d marry her the day that they met...and he did. They were married until death parted them.

Anyway, I’d recommend this book to anyone who is sick of cliche novels. Give it a try!

Great super duper book!!! ,


The books inconsistent pace was annoying and a negative. The book rushed the beginning and slows down right in the middle of the book. The characters have no depth! The first time the characters pronounced their love was when the guy was drunk! Very loose, unprofessional and sloppy writing.

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