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My Life as a Caregiver: How I Became the Best in My Field is the very core and heartbeat of me, the very essence of my being. My passion, purpose, pursuit, desire, and driving force as a caregiver is what has given me the strength, fight, tenacity, and audacity to live and defy all the odds against me. Courage to press through any and every situation or circumstance that came against me. My life as a caregiver has taken me places I never dreamed of going and around people I never imagined to meet. This desire has created a life for me beyond my wildest dreams, which lead me to my destiny. Sit back, grab a cup of coffee, and read how I became the best in my field. “You are such an inspiration to me and many. They may not tell you, but I enjoy your books and your Facebook post. I began my day reading your post for inspiration. I love you, Ann.” —Tina Lee Metairie, Louisiana “There are so many wonderful things to say about this beautiful woman of God; when you meet her, she impacts your life. I love just listening to her as she speaks. She’s a #warrior and a mighty #evangelist, to say the least. I guess the best three words I have to describe her are #heart of gold. I love you, Antonette.” —Sharah Solis Detroit, Michigan “I love your books. I love talking to you. I really appreciate your transparency. You are so open and honest. Not too many people like that. You talk with so much ease. I love talking and listening to you. So glad I know and can talk to a famous author such as yourself. —Sajon Ford Taylor, Michigan “Tu Tu are you worried about your Books? No Liam I am not worried about my Books. Tu Tu I love your Books. Awwh thank you Liam.” —William David Sherman " Liam"  5 years old Metarie, Louisiana

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