My Life Rearranged My Life Rearranged

My Life Rearranged

Musings of an Alzheimer's Caregivers

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Pssst your life being rearranged?

You are not alone. Alzheimer’s and dementia will turn your life inside out and upside down. In fact, there are many days you won’t know if you are coming or going.

Susan Miller knows those days. Her husband was diagnosed with Early-Onset Alzheimer’s. She became the long distance caregiver for her father’s medical issues, followed by her mother’s diagnosis of dementia and then a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s for her mother-in-law. After decades of caregiving and years of widowhood, Susan met a wonderful widower, only to discover signs of dementia. My Life Rearranged gives voice to what many caregivers think, but are reluctant to admit.You will discover:

•The issues of love, loss, responsibility, duty, and self-preservation while navigating the stages of the disease.

•What it’s like to struggle with a disease that strikes terror in people’s hearts and offers ways to come through intact.

•How to lessen the isolation and loneliness of caregiving, and bring honest insight into the life of a caregiver.

Imagine coming home from the store and layingyour package down, only to find it gone thirty minutes later, nowhere to be found.

Imagine looking for your favorite cereal in the morning, not finding it anywhere, and only later when you go to do a load of wash, do you find it.

Imagine living with your spouse of many years, only to awaken one day and find he has turned into a child.

Imagine thinking you are living in a house of cards, or that you are imagining it all, or perhaps it’s just a dream and you’ll soon awaken, but it’s not and you don’t.

Imagine repeating this scenario over and overagain.

My Life Rearranged will tug at your heart, touch your soul, inspire you, and help you believe in your capabilities.

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May 17
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