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The world of My Little Pony expands in this special oversized Annual. Straight from the new, hit movie Equestria Girls comes all your favorite Ponies like you’ve never seen them before! New Looks, New Friendships, and New Dangers! Join IDW in exploring this brand new tale that ties in closer to Canterlot than you may think!

Comics & Graphic Novels
October 30
IDW Publishing
Idea and Design Works, LLC

Customer Reviews

Laxblock DS9 ,

Cool book

I loved it it's awesome

Riddler415 ,


I definitely love this! I love how you get to learn about Sunset Shimmer and how you get to learn about the girls, the Mane Six minus Twilight, and about how they met. If you want to learn more about our human friends at Canterlot High, this is definitely a must read!

Dogsrule555 ,

Great Start, So-So Ending

My favorite part was the first few pages that took place in Equestria with the great story and amazing artwork. The rest was well, okay. The writer did change and it is apparent, plus I felt bad for Applejack having to put up with high school bs. If she wants to be twangy, then gosh darn it, let her be twangy! Maybe that's why she was meant to be a farm pony instead of a teenager in high school. I think she's too mature for that setting, anyway. One confusion I had though, was why Twilight Sparkle is seen behind Sunset Shimmer, Minuette, and the others as a filly while the rest of the ponies seem to already be in their adulthood. I assume these ponies are in their twenties (disregarding EG, since they all seem more mature as ponies except Pinkie Pie), and Twilight claims she went to school with Minuette and the others (not Sunset, obviously) in "Amending Fences" so she must be their age. Oh well, comics don't always have to be accurate and they did such an amazing job anyway.

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