My Mommy Is My Daddy

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Publisher Description

My Mommy Is My Daddy is a witty, wonderfully strange book about a masculine female doing the work of two parents. Without societal limits to what the "mommy" should do, this mommy is doing everything they want to do. It is an inspiration to the entire family to go for their goals despite challenges and stereotypes.

The author, Takeya Trayer, is an artist, parent and teacher who hopes to create art of many different genres reaching many different people. Takeya is just as ambitious with her goals and interests as the main character of this book.

Artist Statement

I create mixed media and interdisciplinary art.  I think the history of these disciplines is  very innovative and unique.  By combining various art forms and artistic techniques to create a piece of art, my work is added into these categories.  By layering an image, a personal experience and a dream my work often becomes very evocative and socially charged.  

Puzzling together the present, the past and the future creates an onion.  I create collage, forge colors, create depth by contrasting texture or media then use computer software to scan in and then edit and/or add other visuals, sound and sometimes movement.

Most of the ideas for my work stem from personal experiences.  It blooms from what I have seen or what I am hoping to see more of in the world. Topics like gender fluidity, LGBTQ parenting, children's rights, single moms, minority social stigmas, breast feeding, mental health and emotional triggers form an equation of probable artistic expression.  

My overall vision is to create work that stems from personal and professional growth, can be widely distributed and reach audiences all over the world.  By using film, technology and hard copy and interactive books, I can obtain that goal.  I am not trying to please everyone.  Those that feel represented in my work will enjoy seeing themselves and making emotional connections.  Those who feel uncomfortable may be curious enough to ask questions.  I believe innovative thinking deserves to be represented by innovative design.  I will keep up with the people to connect to the people and surpass the people to surprise them.   

Arts & Entertainment
May 29
Takeya Trayer
Ingram DV LLC