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A new neighbour moves next door April, throwing her life into a whirlwind. She hoped it would be someone who could shovel the driveway and cut the grass on occasion. Instead, she got a hottie with whom she has more in common than expected and she can’t ignore the heating attraction between them.

When she welcomes Eric to the neighbourhood with baked muffins and find that he’s interested in a different kind of muffin, she’s lost in the sultry moment at his will.

Note: My Neighbor’s Will is a romantic short story, approximately 5600 words (250 words/page) intended for mature audience.

February 25
MyLit Publishing
MyLit Publishing

Customer Reviews

Acworth Von ,

Short but Awesome

I was given this book to read and review. This is the first time I have had the pleasure of reading one of Ms. Silks books and She is amazingly talented writer. Ms. Silks characters has life that makes them believable,lovable and they can make you laugh.

April is a model who friend Sarah moves for her job so April new neighbor is a childhood crush.
Eric is now a phonographer and he moves back to town and his neighbor is April a girl he always had a crush on but was to shy to do anything about it. But those days are over. This a funny lovable short story the only problem is its too short. But it will grab you from the first line to the last line. Adorable read I enjoyed this story made me smile and laugh and this is what makes you enjoy it.

Klasedelase ,

My neighbors will!

Wow oh wow. Talk about hot. Childhood friends grow up and move apart. Then later one moves back in town next door. And it just heats up from there. Great story hope there is more to it then just this short story on then.

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