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Getting into my top choice sorority? Done. 

Dating one of the hottest guys in the biggest fraternity? Done. 

Failing out of College? Oops... 

When Libby Gentry's parents receive the letter that she's failed out of school, Libby is forced to pack her Prada bag and head to work for her great aunt in rural Louisiana. 

Nothing about tiny Elsbury, Louisiana entices her until she locks eyes with the southern charmer, Blaine Crabtree. 

Libby is used to getting what she wants and Blaine is no exception, but as the two grow closer, bigger problems arise. 

Libby doesn't know how much more pain her already paper-thin heart can take and when new opportunities in Chicago pop up she is presented with a difficult situation: wait for her redneck Romeo, or move on. 

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My Paper Heart 

On Paper Wings 

A Paper Trail

These Paper Walls

May 25
Beautifully Broken Books
Magan Vernon

Customer Reviews

dlda04jcja ,

My Paper Heart

It was an ok read.

Cleo cat ,

Skip this one

This story perpetuates ugly myths about sorority women and sorority recruitment. If your friends want to haze you, they are not your friends. Walk away!
The female character (you can’t call her a heroine) is a vain, insecure idiot, and barely like able. She does nothing but make bad decisions and vaguely hang out with the male character. Her main redeeming feature is that she’s supposed to be very pretty but the author goes out of their way to make it clear she is awkwardly tall, and at times either bullemic or fat.
The lead male character is supposed to be just a “road crew worker.” I can’t imagine why the author tries so hard to make him average and unintelligent, unless its to make us believe that he would fall for such a stupid girl.
How romantic.

Lala9106 ,

Great read

Couldn't put down. Loved the characters.

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